Sublab Standalone issues

Hi FAW/Everyone

Two issues as far as I can tell in standalone mode.

  1. I cannot select my ASIO driver from the settings. (The ASIO option is available on all other standalone plugins that I own!)

  2. Unless I’m blind, there is no way to set tempo in standalone mode. This makes the glide options completely useless. On mine I have the glide option set to 1/8th and the pitch takes a good few seconds to level at the desired note from the last played, this implies to me the plugin thinks the “tempo” is realllly slow. But I don’t see an option to set the tempo to what I want it to be. This is just an issue in standalone because when used in a DAW is adopts the tempo of the project by default.

I haven’t experienced an other issues with sublab, and apart from the two niggles I love the product!