Sublab Legato Double Trigger?

Just downloaded Sublab and WOW. It sounds amazing. I’ll be using this all over my tracks. My problem is when I play a note and hit a note above while the lower note is still being held, Sublab triggers the higher note again on the release of the lower note. This is not intentional, is it? It makes it extremely difficult to play parts live. I can seem to find any setting to address this.

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Sorry just want to be clear that I’m talking about legato style playing. Legato mode is not active when this happens.

Hey @DCJ

We had a deep look at this. Yes, it is intentional, but we’re totally up for making it a user setting.
Serum works like SubLab, but I think having a setting might be a good thing due to the fact it’s a sub-bass synth with a heavy thump: any re-triggerring is a lot more noticeable.

NI’s Monarch has the following setting, never, note on, on/off. We’re getting a beta ready for an update and people are crying out of it so we’ll have to put it into the version that comes out after the beta that is in testing.


Hm. I have Serum and have never ever run into this! So I guess it’s a setting but not the default? I can’t think of many situations where you’d want the release of the lower note to retrigger the higher note while it’s being held. Just out of curiosity, what was the thinking behind making this the default? I seem to be the only one to have complained about this so maybe I’m missing something.

The Monark option would be great! I guess I’ll have to wait a while but will be much happier when it comes. :grinning:

Hey @DCJ

Just working on improving the glide/legato mode here.

I’ve put together a short video, here I’ve set legato off, one voice mono, in Serum. The first notes are from the init patch and the second are from an 808 style patch. If you check the video, when the note off comes in from the release of the lower note, the higher held note is re-triggered. It becomes very noticeable when the patch is an 808 style one, as you have the hard thump. This is what I was explaining in my first post.
We decided for SubLab to work in a similar way to Serum, because, well, Serum is Serum and since a lot of people are used to it, no point doing something different :slight_smile:

I think though it is causing confusion so will implement a drop menu and do something similar to Monarch.

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Hey the issue is that you need to go click the glide button on the bottom left of Sublab and make sure “Legato” is highlighted. Otherwise the note will retrigger. I just tried it and now the notes don’t retrigger when releasing the lower note. Hope that helps.

Ok well this is interesting. This not the default behavior for Serum on my end! I’ve recorded a video but it won’t let me attach a link from my dropbox? And Vimeo actually costs money to use now? I cannot upload a file nor share a link… how am I supposed to show you anything? :joy:

Can you change the default behavior somehow? I’ve never done this so this is how Serum has always loaded for me.

@areasecure That’s not the problem. With Legato active, each note held while another note is played changes pitch but does not retrigger the envelope. This is not the behavior I’m after.

Hey @DCJ

Here are the three re-trigger modes from Monach, the graphic on the interface updates when you change the setting, which I’ve screen printed to help with clarity of understanding. For priority, SubLab uses “Last” note played. Note in the graphics below, the white envelope denoting a trigger for the envelope to restart. Hopefully this clears it up.

  1. “Never” This is currently what you get in SubLab 1.0.0 with Legato turned on.

  2. “Note On” This is the new default trigger mode when legato is off in the new beta 1.1.0. You get a trigger on the note on, but not on the note off.

  3. “Note On/Off” This was the old default way in version 1.0.0 of SubLab when legato was off. You got a trigger on the note on and a second on the note off. This is also the re-trigger mode in the Serum video.


Instead of adding all this into the small glide window, what I’ve done is add an item to the settings.xml where you can choose between “Note On” and “Note On/Off”. By default it will be “Note On” but if some people want the old 1.0.0 SubLab “Note On/Off” trigger then they can just edit setting.xml and change the default.

What you reckon guys?


Thanks Gavin. Not sure if you saw my message before, but to be clear I understand the different settings. My serum has never defaulted the way yours has so I’m still confused about that. But nonetheless this fix works just fine for me. Hopefully it doesn’t mess up anyone else’s workflow! Thanks for taking the time.

@DCJ :+1:

We have the settings in there if anyone want to go back to the old default.