Sample issues on FL

Hi everyone,

so when I press NEW and I drag an 808 sample from my personal library, it changes completely the sound from the original.
Even if I try to drop like an hihat, just for science, it changes the HH into a 808. How is that even possible?

Should it make you ear the default sound that you drag in?

Hey @lyke,

That sounds a bit strange! Do you want to take a screencast of it and send it here?

I know SubLab is meant to create 808 sub-basses, but from a hit-hat? :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

there you go. Sounds like a high pitched one shot 808.

I see what is up, what you are hearing is the green synth engine. You can mute that by going to the “mixer” and clicking on the first green circle icon.

Then click on the orange icon beside it to up mute the sampler mixer, or raise the volume on the slider.

There are some good getting started youtube tutorials for SubLab, have a look at the ones on here @lyke :slight_smile:

Ok now the sound is the default one. Great! Thank you for the help and keep up the great work!

You nailed it on every count.

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Also Lyke, we’ve added a “FL Studio Sequencer Mode”, which means that you can do the steps in the sequencer and SubLab will play bass notes, try turning that on here:

Wow, I love it even more now, the perfect combo!

Thank you Gavin!