Changing Key of 808's in Sublab

Hello everyone. My question is regarding changing the key to one of the preset 808s. I loaded up a preset that has the key set to A. When I switch to G, this will change the key of the 808 with SubLab correct? I noticed when I changed the presets Key from A to G their is still a orange circle around A. Just wondering what that means and if by changing the preset 808’s root note from A to G does change it’s key (so it fits the key of my song)? Thanks.

that’s for a sample that you’ve drag and dropped go to the green section and you will see that you can change the sound from there

Thanks. I’m talking about changing the key of the 808’s. So to better explain it maybe. Let’s say my project key is D minor.

  1. I load up sublab preset “808 Oxy” (root note is set to A)
  2. When I change the root note from A to D, I’m making sure that by doing this will is tuning the kick to D to fit the key of my song? When changing the root note from A to D (I noticed that original circle is around A). So the A I’m assuming is just to indicate the original key of the drum sample imported in Sub lab?



Yes, the original pitch of the sample is shown by an outline of a circle. The full circle shows what you’ve changed it to.

Craftmaster did a recent youtube video, explaining how he uses SubLab and it covers this in detail.

Thanks Gavin, and Daniel I figured it out.

Great @jsheem, we also put a quick tip on instagram yesterday so if other people are trying to figure it out…