How do tune a SPLICE sample on SubLAB XL?

Thought it was meant to tune automatically , which isn’t the case.

Hey @ADR :wave:

When you import a sample into SubLab XL, it will automatically detect the pitch of the sample.

Then, you can play it on your midi keyboard, set it to a different pitch, etc.

Are you having some trouble with tuning your sample? Let us know, I’m sure we can help out :slightly_smiling_face:

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When i drag in a sample it is in the wrong key so when i play on my midi keyboard all notes are in wrong key.

you set set to different pitch? Well thats the point of the question isnt it?

How on earth do you do that? And why isnt it automatic anyways?

also, to add.

whatever sample I add . there is still the name of the previous preset in the main preset window and all the previous settings of that preset.

Why cant you completely reset Sublab XL when adding own sample?

Apart from the fact own sample added is always out of tune.

Hey @ADR,

Clearing the preset when you load a sample might be a good setting if people want to turn it on.

On detecting the pitch of the sample, sometimes SubLab can get it wrong. Do you want to send me over the sample and I’ll have a look? I’ve pmed you my direct email address.

On tuning a sample, the automatic detected pitch which is assigned when you drop a sample is show as an outlined clear circle…to move the sample to a different tuning just select another note and octave. I’ve put a picture together below…let me know if this works for you!


Hi there,

If you import a sample while you’re on an existing preset, it will retain the settings (and name) of that preset. But it will detect the pitch of the new sample which may sound out of tune unless you turn keyboard tracking on:

If you want to start totally from scratch your can instead click “New Preset”:

Or, if you want to work with an exiting preset but change up the sample, then you can click “clear current sample” first, then add your sample. This will get rid of the settings just on the sampler: