Sublab doesnt remember samples


i have some 808 packs and i wanted to make them libraries inside SubLab. What i noticed later was that SubLab confuses samples under the same name, even if preset and library names are different.

What i mean in example:

One sample pack is named “One 808”, the other is named “Two 808” and the other “Three 808”. The 808 sample file names in all packs are named the same. Different sound, same name. If in Sublab you create three different libraries in that case and have different preset names, Sublab cannot remember the difference between the samples if the samples you load are under the same name and all will become the latest 808 you load.

In that case:

One 808 (Library Name) One 808 1 C (Preset Name) 808 1 C (Sample Name)
Two 808 (Library Name) Two 808 1 C (Preset Name) 808 1 C (Sample Name)
Three 808 (Library Name) Three 808 1 C (Preset Name) 808 1 C (Sample Name)

Even when your libraries and presets are named differently, if the sample name has the same name with another, it will change the sound in all of the presets that have a sample under the same name.

What is more confusing is that in SubLab FAW directory are seperated when you save them but the vst cannot remember it.

For me this is huge. Aside from the part i have to know all sample names i bought with SubLab in order to maintain them… Imagine creating an 808 or even buying a sample pack which has the same name from an 808 sample you own and suddenly you dont have the sound of it anymore and most likely you will not even notice the change.

In reality, i have to rename 200 808s or so right now just to have the luxury having them in SubLab ready to go. This needs to get fixed.

Ah ok, I get it…we import in the samples into a folder /SubLab/Samples/Imported/

If you import two samples with the same name then you are going to run into an issue where the last sample imported over writes any samples in the folder with that same name.

We have a fix for this in SubLab XL, where you can drag in the entire folder and it then creates a sub-menu item with the folder name…this would work fine with packs.

Do you want to test and see if it works in XL? I can send you a free version so you can check it out.

Sure, i would like to test it and give you a feedback since i am on it.

Ok, so we’ve had a look and you have SubLab XL already.

We’re sending out a beta version today, keep an eye on your inbox. In this version if you drag in a large folder of files it will copy them into your samples folder under the name of the folder you dragged in.

One thing to remember is to drag in each folder individually…for example if this were your two folder, drag in “New Kit 1”, then “New Kit 2”…don’t drag in “My Samples”

/My Samples/New Kit 1/808.wav, 808-2.wav.
/My Samples/New Kit 2/808.wav, 808-2.wav

Ok, i got you. I already made test folders and i am good to go.

I saw you registered my SubLab XL in my account, thank you for that! Is it possible to register my SubLab too since i purchased them both from Plugin Boutique?

When you have ready the beta send it, i will be active on my computer for the rest of the day.

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@Julia registered it for you…Julia any chance of adding in SubLab also?

Hey, I can register your SubLab license as well - just send me a DM with your activation code!

@Julia Hey Julia, i have send you my SubLab activation code with a personal message!

Thanks again!

Got it! I’ve registered the license to your account :slightly_smiling_face:

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