No samples found after new install

Hello there,

got a tricky problem.

I bought sublab few months ago and everything worked well so far.

I only used the sampler function of sublab, and just drag and droped samples, right out of my cubase sample libary. What just shows my files on my computer like C;//samples/808 or something.

And i droped it directly in the orange window sampler and worked great for me. i saved the song and the 808 was comming up atomaticly, next time when i was opening the song. And i didnt have to import or something. I think sublab duplicated all my samples into the imported folder. not sure but i checked it once cause it was stupid cause sublab duplicated every file. but whatever.

But now i had to set up my computer new and reinstalled all plugins, also sublab.
And now all my 808 are gone. Sublab just says file is missing. But not which one. So i dont know which of my thousands 808´s ive been missing.

Is there a way to get the files back? or the name of the missing file? i tried already to import all my 808 samples into sublab. so it maybe found it then, but didnt work.

Hope you got maybe a solution. I lost many many hours of working if i will not found the right samples.

Thanks for help

Thanks to FAW Team


22d later no answer at all.

good service

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The most important thing is to not overwrite or lose samples, the second most important thing is to give the name of the missing sample so it can be restored.

How on earth anyone is expected to guess which of potentially many thousands of samples is missing is beyond me. :man_shrugging:

A better way to handle this IMO is with an additional option to save the sample with the plugin settings so it’s recalled by the DAW (other plugins have this). That way it can be moved to an entirely different computer with no concern about the sample used, or it’s location.

The only drawback is increased project file size, but the majority of people will be using bass/kick one shots with a negligible file size…

I almost had a solution since I have unlimited backup history with Backblaze, but sadly I found out the files were in one of only a few folders Backblaze doesn’t backup due to OS permissions. :see_no_evil:

Plugin preset data should not be saved in Program Files, This has been highly discouraged by Microsoft for a decade or more now, so aside from naming missing samples, definitely consider changing this to anything else (AppData, ProgramData, Documents etc.) in the next update…