Sample folders are missing and not found in preset

Hi, I just bought Sublab and installed it on my MacBook Pro 2015. When I run the preset, sample files when missing. How do I relocate all the folders.

Hey @emusicman,

Do you have the folder: /Library/Application Support/FAW/SubLab on your hard disk?


I can my sample located at /Library/Application Support/FAW/SubLab on my hard disk. However, I don’t have the access to the preset of the sample. Let me know where to reset this issue. It will not fixed even I reinstalled it.

What version of macOS are you running @emusicman?


Same problem here since I purchased. It won’t retain imported samples. Well, not even the samples that come with the presets are loading. I get the same exact screen as above.

I can actually see my imported samples and other preset samples in c:…program files/faw/samples/imported. Tried running as administrator. Nothing helps. It’s broken inside of the app.

In addition, ‘locate missing sample’ does nothing. I find the sample and it still doesn’t load.

@lix2k3, did you change the install path from the default c:/ when running the installer? We made some changes here and it looks like SubLab is looking for the samples and can’t find them. It they are present on the c: drive, then it must be looking on another drive.


I kept all settings at default. So it should be looking at C:/

I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling to make sure and same issue. It installs in default location.

Ok, that’s good news. I’m going to check the installer location here as well. Your running v1.1.3?

Missing samples still, after reinstall a few times, running sublab v1.1.3, running newest mac os Catalina 10.15, I bought the sub pack bundle, it won’t import.


I’ve just tested here and I can import in the packs fine.

Can you check if you are logged in as a full admin privileges and also what are the read/write permission on the /Library/Application Support/FAW/SubLab folder?

(Right click on the folder “SubLab” and then “Get Info”…you should see something like below and if you can, it would be great if you can do a similar print screen)

Ok guys, I need to look into this some more.

One thing that would be very useful is to send me your “SubLab.db” file. I can be found in “/Library/Application Support/FAW/SubLab” on macOS and on Windows in “/Program Files/FAW/SubLab”

If you want to mail it direct to me at I’ll have a look, also if you’re mailing it to me can you also mention your name from the forum, that way I can match you up :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

Do you found a solution for this bug ? when you import a sample, it’s in the “imported” folder.
I wanted to create a personal file, it did not belong to the list. and if I move the sample into an existing folder, with the edit option, it marks “missing” after sample name.
we have to be clear, can we design with sublab ?

Best regards

Hey @MBTracksMusic,

Can you give me a description of the what you mean by “personal file”?

What happens with SubLab is that when you drag in a sample of your own, it is imported and moved into the imported folder. If you move it out of there, then SubLab won’t be able to find it anymore and it will marked missing.



I understood, the ‘imported’ folder cannot recognize a subfolder. I’ll deal with it.

@MBTracksMusic, that’s it…let me put a feature request in there for allowing sub-folders.

Also, we can have a look at instead of creating a copy of a sample and placing it into the imported folder, we just save a link to the original sample where ever it is.

Just bought SubLab and, on my Mac Catalina, the plugin don’t find the samples (VST and AU)
All my authorizations are OK.

What can I do ?

Thanks a lot !