Not Working List - Sublab XL presets imported from Sublab

Here are the Sublab presets that do not work after imported in Sublab XL :
Mostly do not make any sound, some do make a subtle click sound.

Pink Panther
Subtle Energy
Volcanic Ash
Crash Test Dummy
Depth Charge
Subtle Energy
Metal Mouth
Sound Barrier
Can You Go Low
God’s Plan
X-Sub Purest Sine
808 Signature 1
808 Signature 2

Tested with sublab xl v1.0.1 vst3 in FL studio 20.9.2 windows 10 64 bit

Thanks for the detailed info @luciancalinbalintoni

Let me check this out and I’ll get back :+1:

My pleasure ! I want the plugin to be as close to flawless as it can be !

Same here @luciancalinbalintoni and appreciate the help! :+1:

Any news about the not working presets ?

I actually spent a while searching for this thread and couldn’t find it. We’re looking at releasing an update in the next day and, but for the next update we will go through and see whats up. How does that sound? Thanks for your patience @luciancalinbalintoni :+1:

Sounds awesome ! Can’t wait to see everything working as intended.

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When to expect this fix to happen ? It feels unprofessional with so many not working presets.

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Seems like the fix is easy. The sample volume is muted, press the unmute button and the preset works as expected again. I tested on all of the above (and resaved) and seems to work perfectly.

Yes , it does work now . Thank you !

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Nice that we got it sorted @luciancalinbalintoni

This is why we need a forum guys! Good catch @cyberboycoolen, we’re releasing an update on Friday and will put a fix in that sets the sampler volume correctly when presets are loaded from SubLab original.


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