Not Working List - Sublab XL presets imported from Sublab

Here are the Sublab presets that do not work after imported in Sublab XL :
Mostly do not make any sound, some do make a subtle click sound.

Pink Panther
Subtle Energy
Volcanic Ash
Crash Test Dummy
Depth Charge
Subtle Energy
Metal Mouth
Sound Barrier
Can You Go Low
God’s Plan
X-Sub Purest Sine
808 Signature 1
808 Signature 2

Tested with sublab xl v1.0.1 vst3 in FL studio 20.9.2 windows 10 64 bit

Thanks for the detailed info @luciancalinbalintoni

Let me check this out and I’ll get back :+1:

My pleasure ! I want the plugin to be as close to flawless as it can be !

Same here @luciancalinbalintoni and appreciate the help! :+1: