Sublab as an Effects Plugin for 808s and Bass

Suggestion for Sublab:

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I’ve experimented with Sublabs on 808s to create my own edits. I find it superior in how it adds impact to 808s/bass to any other bass processor out there.

It got me thinking, you guys would change the game if you had a standalone version as an effect similar to Maxxbass except it would be modelled with the Impact feature, Distortion, Stereo Imager as well as Limiter on the faders. Basically the same algorithm that Sunlabs has.

This is just a suggestion as a fan of your work. I find it amazing how it can make 808s hit hard even with as little as 25% of Impact and if it was available in this standalone format that would mean making 808s hit harder without even dragging them into the sampler every time you wanted access to the features that Sublab offers.

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Hey @caldohits,

Yeah, I understand exactly what your explaining.

What’s the main sampler you’re using at the moment?


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Hey @Gavin_FAW,

I use FL Studio and Ableton Live. The sampler I was referring to above is the sampler found in Sublab.

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Yes, but say you just want the effect like you describe and no SubLab, would you place your 808 samples on an audio track or do you use a sampler, say like the ones that come with Ableton or FL Studio?

In a sense. What I was suggesting is that it would be cool if the effects in Sublab were available as a standalone effects plug-in much like Maxxbass or RBass based on the features Sublabs has. Like a Sublabs FX Plug-in only that you can use to mix bass or 808s. The sampler doesn’t play a significant role in this. It’s merely wanting to have the processing available in Sublabs as an effect only plug-in. Hope this makes sense, hey.

Hey @caldohits,

I had a good think about it last night, its a good idea for sure! Maybe as an extra plug-in that comes with SubLab. I know Serum Synth has an effects version that comes with it for free.



Hey, @Gavin_FAW, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. That would be amazing to have access to a plug-in of that nature.