SubLab needs to take a cue from this video

If a couple basic ableton devices can do more SUB sound design than SUBLAB should; there’s definitely something wrong here… :S

This is a very EXTENSIVE take on Sub sound design… ALSO FOR FUTURE USE… Not just to cater to current trends, which seems to be sublabs only goal…
WE NEED MORE SOUND DESIGN TOOLS (at least separate the envelope controls for each sound source…) to make NEW sounds, and not just sounds everyone is already making…

Also Sublab is still VERY buggy for me… A lot of fader moves just don’t register immediately or NOT AT ALL :S

Please FaW…

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@boisocial just having a listen here, its a good video, thanks for sharing.

I think the only thing that is there that isn’t in SubLab is the wave shaper (waveshaper) and a modulation source (shaperbox).

When you say very buggy, outside of the slow response on the controls or not at all, can you send you give me exact information?

On “Not just to cater to current trends, which seems to be SubLab’s only goal”, for me I’ve been listening to the 808 sub-bass since mid 80s, if anything those hard wobble wave-shaped basses are (or were) the current trend :slight_smile: Joking btw, we’ve already got modulation on the roadmap and more distortion models. Agree that expanding the sound is a good idea and who knows what people come up with when it is in the right hands!


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To be fair, that video from Missing Lynx revolves around some very advanced sound design and mastering principles for sub waveforms. Also, let’s be clear that not all waveshaper tools are the same. I have a love/hate relationship with Cableguys products and worklow, and that specific waveshaper tool is hard to get (for many producers–all those CM plugins are a mess to acquire).

But there’s no denying that particular waveshaper is extremely “musical” and smooth compared to other implementations I’ve seen. Missing Lynx even points this out in the comments for the video.

So… (and this is for Gavin and the FAW devs)… If you’re going to add waveshaper functionality to SubLab, I’d recommend really looking close at this Cableguys plugin and attempting to model yours to be similarly musical and smooth. But also… using a waveshaper in this way is such an advanced concept that I strongly doubt 90% of your users will know what to do with it. So you might want to look hard at simplifying the user interaction and actually hiding the actual waveshaping under the covers. Maybe look at the user goal Missing Lynx stresses, and figure out a more intuitive, obvious UX pattern to surface in the SubLab UI?

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Hey @Baphometrix,

I agree that drawing your own waveshaper curves might be a step too far for all but a narrow subset of users, but maybe their is a way of presenting it that as you say hides it behind the covers.


If you’ve watched the full video, you’ll know he did more than just add a waveshaper with shaper box…

Like I said; most fader/percentage moves (mixer & especially the filter) don’t respond properly and seem to come in affect later… seemingly randomly or after I change something else…? :man_shrugging:

Yeah clearly since more than 80% of the sounds that were made are NOT what I’d consider to be trendy…

I bought this softsynth to be my Go-to & all in one Bass Soft synth but I’ve hardly used it for anything else than an 808 here n there…
There are more capable samplers and synths out there & the only thing truly unique to sublab = the X-Sub.
Let’s not beat the bush… It’s fact that ALL promo done for sublab was centered around “808s” 90% of the presets are; u guessed it… 808s

Sublab promises to be your all encompassing bass synth but fails to get even the most basic features right :S
There’s no seperate EQ per channel or even a single one, the filter is… awkward envelopes & BUGS
All this wouldn’t be such a big deal for me IF Sublab offered something truly unique that would get me to come back despite it’s flaws…
But it doesn’t really (there’s many different products that simulate what the X-sub does…):man_shrugging:
The only thing that seems to be "SUB"stantial rn is the UI, which LOOKS really comfortable.

I’m not happy with how it wasn’t possible to demo sublab & definitely not happy about how FAW decided to follow the modern trend of releasing unfinished products…

I haven’t kicked sublab out of the team but it’s definitely been benched… and I hope one of FAWs representitives will at least come out, be honest and tell us if this synths" last iteration will EVER be more than a decent 808 host/maker…

Check/test the Bassroom EQ FIRST (for Zero ringing bass EQing) if you plan on implementing EQ after all. It’s a beautifull sounding EQ!

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Definitely BUT it IS called Sub “LAB” for a reason right :wink:

No but in all seriousness i agree with ALL OF this;

BUT I think it SHOULD be possible for users to unhide this function and some deep editing for us sound designers

Hey @boisocial,

It seems you’re clearly unhappy with SubLab. I don’t think SubLab will ever be a go-to all encompassing bass synth, it was designed and will be designed for a single narrow purpose which doesn’t fit what you want and that is ok. Unfortunately, this can be the case with a product and that is totally fine.

Just request refund from @Julia. If you want to jump in again at a later date with FAW, maybe with a different product that suits your needs then do that :+1:


Hi Kobei @boisocial

I remember you now from your support requests hahahaha.

Yeah, just select the ‘I want to return my purchase’ option here:

SubLab is an intentionally focused tool. As I mentioned in our previous correspondences, if you feel that it’s not suitable for you then return it!


It’s a shame how there was so much interesting discussion to be made instead most of my written content gets skimped over & really doesn’t seem to get much reaction besides offering a refund… :man_shrugging:

I said that I’ve benched sublab not kicked and now you guys can’t wait to refund me after the refund expiration date :rofl:
Way to keep a customer :sweat_smile:
Anyway I’ll be keeping my copy since I’ve got some paid projects containing the plugin :+1:

At least your answer seems to be a more honest conveyance of what sublab is supposed to be… an 808 synth/sampler.
Which is perfectly fine in it’s own rite :man_shrugging:

glad you were able to get a laugh out of that🥴

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