Preset browsing issues and occasional silent presets in demo

Issue 1:

When certain presets in the list are selected, the selection will erratically jump back to an earlier preset in the list. I thought it was a bug at first, since it is an unpredictable event, but it also kind of looks like it may be some kind of a preset redirect. Whatever it may be, it is a very awkward interaction and it prevents me moving down the list.

I captured a few videos of the interaction. Please view them below:

Issue 2

Occasionally a loaded preset will produce no sound - just silence. If I select another preset and then select the previously silent preset again it will play. Unfortunately, this one is harder to reproduce. It’s only happened a few times, but enough to be noticeable.

It wasn’t due to a preset with velocity sensitivity and a high attack time. It actually happened to me once with the first preset in the list: 1 - Chordette (Showcase).

I’m on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 and it happens in both the latest version of Logic Pro X and Ableton Live 10 Beta.


Edit: Where exactly am I supposed to post bug reports?

Thanks a lot for the detailed reports and videos.

Issue 1
This is because of some duplicated in the preset IDs created when combining the 2.1 bank with the 2.0. We’ve written an installer script for 2.1.1 that will fix this one.

Issue 2
We’re currently looking into this audio cut-outs issue, as you’ve noticed it’s hard to reproduce reliably, so is taking a bit of time. On the case!

2.1.1 will be here soon, just a couple more fixes and we’re ready.

Bug reports are great in here, it’s handy for us to get an idea of whether it’s a commonly found issue, If you need one to one support then you can also give us a shout at

Thanks Hugh.

I figured it’s useful to share bug reports in the forum, because it allows other users to weigh in and add their own account of the problem.

I asked where I should post bug reports because the General Forum category specifically states that it is not for bug reports, yet there is no forum category which caters to bug reports, nor any mention on your website about where to share them. That’s why I placed it here in Uncategorized.

Hey @VimDoozy

Been looking into the silent preset issue, I seem to have tracked it down. Can you test the latest version of 2.1.1, available here:

Hi @Gavin_FAW

I’ll check it out tomorrow night and let you know whether or not it’s fixed.



Running 2.1.1. No incidences of silent presets yet. That issue seems to be fixed.

The duplicate preset ID issue remains. Not sure if you’ve addressed that yet, though.


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