[Beta Links] Circle 2.1.2 RC 1 OSX

Hey everyone,

We’ve created a new beta version of Circle, version 2.1.2

Changelog since 2.1.2 RC5

  • Added NKS support for Komplete Kontrol and NI Maschine
  • Fixed issue with some presets loading silent.
  • Fixed issue with pitch changing in Ableton 9 Live Suite 32 Bit when sample rate was changed.

Here are the download links:

@Hugh_FAW is uploading the windows version on Monday…

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Any news on microtuning? I lost count of what update it was to be implemented in. Surely not this one?

Hi @gavin_FAW and @Hugh_FAW
any update about windows 2.1.2 ?
I’m facing the issue of silent presets

@Residente, the final hurdle with NKS integration is taking a little while longer than hoped on Windows. I’ll tag you personally here once the build is uploaded, thanks for holding on a little while longer!

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@Hugh_FAW no problem lad, thanks a lot

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Sorry for such a long wait on the Windows version, we hit a few hurdles along the way unfortunately.

New beta links are up now!