[Beta Links] Circle 2.1.2 RC 4 OSX - Splice version now available

Hey everyone,

Just uploaded a new beta of Circle 2.1.2 RC4 for OSX

We’ve also added in a free bank of sounds from our favorite Japanese preset masters. They understand circle2 really well and are worth checking out! The banks name is “Analog 2018”.

Changelog since 2.1.2 RC2

  • Issue with Circle2 not sounding in Logic X when first instantiated. This bug was due to our new setup for building Circle2.

Changelog since 2.1.1 RC5

  • Added filtering by preset bank to the top preset browser. This means you can now easily filter by bank by clicking its associated tag in the browser.

  • Added “favorites” button to the preset browsers. This means you can now easily favorite your presets and find them quickly by clicking the favorites tag.

  • Add the ability to drag-n-drop preset banks from your desktop and drop them directly into the browser.

  • Top preset browser now scrolls automatically to the currently loaded preset.

  • Fixed crash in Protools 2018

  • Removed NKS support for Komplete Kontrol and NI Maschine in this version.

  • Fixed issue with some presets loading silent.

  • Fixed issue with pitch changing in Ableton 9 Live Suite 32 Bit when sample rate was changed.

Here is the download link:


Let me know how it goes underneath and thanks again for all the help. Windows is coming in the next day or so.


Great - which bank is the new one?

Analog 2018…guys are really amazing sounds designers.

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@Gavin_FAW @Hugh_FAW congrats for this release guys, the new browser is a very good improvement, well done! :muscle:

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When can we get NKS back?


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We’ll get an NKS beta of 2.1.3 ready during next week or so @shawfing.