Latest update 2.2.0 replaced library presets

Hel lo!

Just updated to the latest version of Circle (2.2.0) via the Splice app, without considering that the preset library has been expanded and so current projects using library presets from the previous version will not have the same presets available.

Have some presets have been dropped?
Anyway to check version history? (my previous install was Circle-2.2.0-RC1-setup.dmg)
Anyway to download older versions?

Hey @tjmzx,

What your seeing is correct, the demo version you downloaded from Splice has a different preset bank to the version you’ll have gotten from Splice. The main factory bank was paired back for the Splice release.

I can upload here the 2.2.0-R1 bank and you can copy it into your FAW folder. That should add the missing presets. But please back up your “My Sounds” before doing it and make sure to merge the two rather than replace when prompted by OS-X.

Outside of this, great that you’re onboard with Circle2 on Splice :slight_smile:


Hey Gavin,

Thanks for the reply, makes sense now. I actually used timemachine to get the old folder from library/application support, I can see there is a different set there.

I think you just confirmed it’s possible to do what I was hoping for, to merge the presets from both folders. For this I just need to copy over .cp2 files in presets?

That’s all you’ll need to do, Circle doesn’t mind if the .cp2 patch files are from the Splice or regular Circle. If a patch is in a folder within /Presets then you’re good to go.


Thanks for the explanation! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi. The last C2 update caused problems for all projects, where C2 was used.
Every project I open, tells me “plugin missing” means C2 is missing.
That´s a pain, cause many cool beats are incomplete now. I can re-insert C2, but I have to figure out, which presets I have used. Greetz, Paul

Hey @Paul

Can you give me more info, like your operating system and if your on 2.2 and also if your using VST or AU etc.


Hi Gavin,
Win7 Pro x64, Bitwig 2.3.1, used C2 as VST2, latest Version.

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