Circle 1 Presets?

Hi: I had Circle 1 way back in the day, and there were a couple of great presets that Circle 2 doesn’t seem to have. Can I access the v.1 presets to anywhere to use with v.2? Thx!

Which ones are you looking for? We did a bit of a clean out of the factory banks and maybe the presets were removed. We should still have them in an achieve somewhere :slight_smile:

Hey Gavin - thx for the reply!

I don’t know what the preset was called, or even which category it was in; since I don’t have the plugin on my system anymore, when I open the old Logic files the instrument doesn’t exist anymore.

I do have a quick bounce of what the preset sounded like, though:

Pretty sure I remember that this was essentially an unedited preset, and with few/no FX added. Does that help?