Update to 2.1.2 when using Splice


I’m using circle2 through the monthly rental scheme with splice. Working absolutely fine with no issues since Jan’18.

I’m intending to update to 2.1.2 tonight… should this be a simple process while using the synth through splice?



Hey @JackBurt

We’re pushing the version to Splice in the next days, I’d say it will be available via the Splice desktop app next week. If you update to 2.1.2 it won’t work as this regular build from our site doesn’t work with their rent to own setup.

We’ll keep you posted here on the forum.


Ok. Thanks for the swift reply.

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@JackBurt, just uploaded a splice version for OSX, if you can give it a whirl over the weekend and let us know it it works ok. If you run into any issues, post in the comments under the thread for the latest beta version pinned to the top of the forum.

@Gavin_FAW installed 2.1.2 splice version last night… all working fine. Love the new 2018 Analogue presents. Still my favorite soft synth.


Thanks for testing @JackBurt and glad you like the new presets, more on the way!