Ooop, seems you've used your code

There is an error installing new Windows and using the plug-in. It said “Oops, seems you’ve used your code on too many computers.”
I can’t do anything after that.


That means that the activation code you have has been used on more that 3 computers. If you send a mail through to, Julia will have a look and reset your code for you.


Julia is not sending a resolution mail. It’s hard to wait.
Recently, during the process of updating to Windows 10, I re-installed it more than 3 times, and I think that’s why.

But do I have to repeat this process every time I install it more than three times?
be too uncomfortable
I have not been able to use this software for several days.

Hey @LetGo,

We’re just starting back after the weekend, Julia will reply today. It should only happen if you install on a different computer, but sometimes it might use up a slot if you re-install windows completely.


ok I’m Having the same problem but the difference is I’m in the Windows Insiders Preview program. So every three times they update i will have to send in a request which i have just done? Are you all working on a work around? Cause this is a major inconvenience which is hindering my business and work flow. especially since yall don’t really reply on the weekend.