Moving SubLab Packs


I am wondering if I can move the folder where my packs are on my computer without experiencing any issue in SubLab AND SublabXL?

I want to move the folders onto an external hard drive. I’m thinking if SubLab is looking for these directories every time it loads up, it’s going to be an issue. If when you install the packs they are now in SubLab without searching the original directory then it should be fine to move them.

Does anyone have experience with moving their pack location and can give me some insight? I would just try it myself but I don’t want to risk messing anything up.

Thank you


Just moving packs won’t work, we have a fixed location for the preset folder, which for example on the mac is /Library/Application Support/FAW/SubLab(XL)/Presets.

How necessary is to move the presets? We could add a settings file where you can set the location of your preset folder, but this will require some development time on our site.


Please make that setting for all program data (presets, samples, recordings etc.), and the default should be ProgramData. Program Files is a protected OS folder which causes problems depending user account permissions, security settings… It’s also excluded by nearly all backup software so say goodbye to everything if you have an issue and think Windows Backup and/or 3rd-party cloud backup has you covered (speaking from experience).

You can use any folder you like. My presets aren’t even on the same drive.
Just move the folder and create a symbolic link to the original location.
Link Shell Extension is a life-changer. Just right-click drag and pick symbolic link from the drop as menu, OR right-click on any file/folder select pick link source, then go to the location you want to “mirror” the files/folders, right-click-> drop as… symbolic link

It should be possible with samples too, but SubLabXL has a bug where it will delete the entire samples folder if it’s a symlink and you load a preset with a “missing sample” (even if the sample is there!)

This is good info @Adamate…we’ve been in the plugin game since 2008 and we might miss some of these changes along the way.

The fixing of the target is also super smart :+1: