Custom Install Location

Please allow presets and packs to use a custom location. This would enable

  • Smaller disc footprint when separate from the os / system drive
  • Easier cloud storage or other synched backup
  • Increased interest in creating my own packs
    (also currently thwarted via custom pack image shenanigans)

first of my posts warning: I know I can read as angry but it is instead me trying to sense make; I am very much capable of laughing at myself and forever BS in Computer Science live in error.

Many years in software both as mentor and tormentor give me a perfectly contextless hypothesis that it should not require much implementation as the pack, well, export but I wanted to say packing processcreates what looks like the same requisite model w/ both .xml and .db; also my VST3 lives happily by its lonesome in a custom folder on the D not C drive insanity!

once you see good UX you cannot cannot unsee bad UX

This could seem minor if I lived entirely in my XXXtra large SubLab, but this is one of many key instruments in my arsenal that I would much prefer to champion over mixed review or even deride.

The latest packs follow this antipattern of cognitive load

You are ready to name the next 2Fast 2Charlize Furiosa MadMax and Dominic Toretto teamup dystopian banger!

LogLevel probably not interesting below

system info
  • first SubLab via MacBook Pro on Catalina
  • horrible horrible laptop stroke followed by replacement clean install on Big Surveillance
  • WinD’ohs 10 machine built to play steam games during the pandemic is now the only machine capable of sound design (or in some cases even just base level plugin use)
  • barely incentivized to move from Ableton Live 10 suite but am now transitioning to a downloaded but uninstalled 11
  • Sub LabRat sans cheese deets: had support send me SubLab XL Win 1.0.4 Beta after SubLab XL Win installer RC no Fn clue locked upon saying “Authentication Success”
version history
  1. edit for clarity
  2. edit for decision maker context