Lack of support and communication


I’ve been trying to reach out multiple times for support regarding the refund of my Sublab XL purchase since the start of December 2023 but I have not heard back from any FAW staff over the last month! Could I ask when I’ll get any assistance regarding this matter?


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I made a post back in November trying to get help with Sublab XL not working in my DAW. Now I can’t seem to login to my account, no traces of my user name or email. I will never use any of FAW’s products again.

Have you tried HUM808, it’s pretty decent.


That does look pretty cool!

@Julia can you follow up with the guys here :+1:


Hey Mandy,

Apologies for the delay on this! We received a large volume of messages leading up to and over the holidays. We’re working through them as we speak :pray:

I’ve just responded to your support ticket, please check your email inbox.

Take care,