FAW took my money, i have a feeling it's a scam

I have paid for Sublab xl, Faw took my money and i didn’t receive the product. After i noticed this, i canceled it because i saw something about getting refunded after cancelation, however that didn’t happen. my Order number was #2094174. If i could either receive the product or get a refund that would be most helpful. I tried contacting support but they didn’t respond at all. $50 isn’t something to sneeze at and i would like to get it back

any ideas on what i can do or what would help?


(i paid through the FAW website by the way)

Hey Maciek, I just had a look and I can see two orders in our system here:

Order #2094174 status is cancelled

Order #2094201 status is complete

Please login to your FAW Account and you should have access to installers, activation code, etc.