I requested a refund for SubLab & the SubLab Pack Bundle on March 13th, 2022 and I still haven’t received my refund


I’ve sent five messages since April 11th through the “Help Button” on the FAW website and no one has responded to any of my messages regarding this issue. The last person I spoke to about this was someone named Julia and that was on March 30th.

Can someone please help me?

Ok, I’ve talked to @julia, she’s doing it today…thanks for the patience @Mikel


Ok. Thank you.

If possible, can you have her email me when it’s done.


Hi, Gavin

I still haven’t received my refund.

Can you have Julia email me. I haven’t heard from her since April 28th. I’ve sent 2 messages since then, asking for an update on what is happening.

I don’t understand how y’all are this bad at responding to people. Especially with a matter this serious. Like hire more people if you have too.