Licence Transfer - No reply from FAW in OVER 2 WEEKS

Hi, I’ve been trying to transfer my SubLab licence for over 2 WEEKS now.

Messages to FAW support were sent over 2 WEEKS ago.

I was told to send some money for the licence transfer.

The money was transferred promptly, I haven’t heard from FAW since then.

I hope this will make things move along.

Hey Benny,

Many apologies for my delayed response :pray: We’re working through a high volume of messages at the moment.

I will see if I can find your support ticket here, if not I’ll ask you to DM me with some more info.

Take care,

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Okay found it! I transferred the license. Please ask the recipient to reset the password to login to their FAW Account and everything will be inside :slightly_smiling_face:

Apologies again for the delay!

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Does anyone know why the customer support department of this company is so pathetically slow?


My guess is they need more staff dedicated to support.

Don’t give up, took about 3 weeks for my stuff to get done (frustration along the way) but they eventually got to me.

I had to bring my case to this forum though…

Good luck!

Thanks for the reply, I think the fact of the matter is they are an idiot company with a lazy mindset, under no circumstances is it ok to leave someone waiting 3 weeks for a licence transfer, I have been waiting a week which is far too long itself, the sellers of the licences had “jumped through the hoops” as they described it and after 2 days of excessive back and forth emailing nonsense had paid their transfer fee and were ready to go, then they seem to go silent, they can’t be involved in many of these licence transfers, because there is not really that easy to facilitate them, not many places you can arrange it, I’d be amazed if there were more than 1 or 2 a day on average, they probably have a spoilt ignorant attitude towards it because they don’t like the fact that these small amount of people don’t buy direct from the site, the fact they don’t do demos of this enormous catalogue of vsts they sell is another problematic pain the ass, and much of their time is used refunding people who don’t like their software and could have decided this by d/l a demo, I imagine it’s a long drawn out headache getting refund from them also. I bought this sublab last year off plugin boutique site under the condition it working in win 7 as it was advertised as so, upon receiving it didn’t now work in win 7 and had to be returned, I seen only yesterday adverts on forums from a month after this they were still advertising it as win 7 compatible. All in all this FAW is a lazy borderline idiot unprofessional company, that is my honest opinion of them, making you wait 3 weeks for a tranfer to go through is wholly unacceptable, i see many examples of this slowness, It’s not good enough really.


I assume that the FAW team is very small.
They, definitely, need to grow in numbers as a company, as they gain more customers!

See the other post, @Julia will be getting back to you asap.


You are correct, we are a small team. I’m happy to say that we have a new(ish) support team member who is a fantastic help to us and our community. However, there are times of the year when we get a very high volume of messages (like around Black Friday leading into the holidays) and it takes longer to get through all the messages and, unfortunately, some may slip through the cracks. Between the forum and our support pages we will get to the bottom of it and hopefully everyone gets some resolution - either through troubleshooting the issue or a refund if the issues persist.

Also, @why you mentioned you’re waiting for a response from support, is that right? Send me a DM with your email address and I will look up your support ticket.

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Just jumped into bump in the thread.

Understand you must have busy seasons.
In case my support ticket also slipped through,

Having trouble getting Circle2 to connect and re-authorize after OS reinstall.
I only sent you message on Monday.
Appreciate if you get time to take a look,

macOS 14.2.1
circle 2.2.1 installer

happy holidays and hope you catch a break @Julia @Gavin_FAW !


Hey tJMZX - just responded to your support message :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello. Its been forever and i have not gotten a reply. Can you help me please. I really need to use sublab. My purchase is not showing up on the webiste. I qualify for a 20$ upgrade. But according to FW… i never even made the first sublab purchae. which is not true. I am looking at the license right now on my computer.

Hey Ethan - just responded to your support message :slightly_smiling_face: