Frustrating customer service experience

I wanted to share my experience dealing with FAW customer service. I requested a license transfer, and they asked me to send $5 PayPal to cover the transfer and send in proof of the PayPal along with the transfer details. I sent that in immediately. This was on the 14th. It is now the 20th.

Since then, I haven’t heard anything from them. The purchaser has since requested a refund. So now, not only did the sale fall through, but I am out $5 for the transfer. I realize that license transfers are not a company’s favorite thing to deal with, but if you offer them, at least follow through. I didn’t even begrudge FAW for the $5 fee since it does take time to do the transfer, but if someone is sending in money for a service, please do the service.

I just wanted to share this as a heads up for other folks who might find themselves in the same situation.

I would love to hear from FAW with some way of making this right.


What do you mean by “license transfer”?
Is it the fact that you’ve been moving the program from a PC to another?
(Because in that case, I thought that it should work without any hassle: Just uninstall it from the first PC, then install it & activate it on the second one).

Please, let me know!

I was transfering (selling) the license to another user.

Now I understand.
(I didn’t know that users have the option to transfer their licenses to someone else).

Hey @turtletooth,

@Julia is working through the support backlog that built up over the holidays and new year.

Keep and eye on your inbox for a reply and resolution to your request.


Hey there @turtletooth

Apologies for the delay and frustration :pray:

We received a large volume of messages over Black Friday and leading up to the holidays. We have been doing our best to work through all of them but some have definitely slipped through the cracks.

I’ve just responded to your ticket about the license transfer. I’ve setup a FAW Account with the license for the new owner.

Take care,

Hi Julia,

Thanks for getting back to me, but did you see the follow up indicating that the other party no longer wanted the purchase?

So now, the purchase didn’t go through and I no longer have access to Circle2.

Can you please do something to take care of this?

Could you send me a DM with your email address please?

I’m sorry, but I’m not seeing a way to DM you.

I just sent you a DM. In the top right corner you should see a notification!

Thank you for resolving the issue.

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