SubLab XL login failure

I’m a long time user of SubLab and upgraded a couple of months ago.
Been working fine until today I opened the plugin and was asked to sign in.
Signed in successfully but I’m then presented with a screen that has a button that says ‘launch’ but doesn’t seem to do anything and I can’t get past it to the plugin.
Restarting the plugin & logic doesn’t help. Logic fully updated.

Worth noting that original sublab works fine.

Any ideas? Cheers.

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What version of macOS are you running?


Hi Gavin, I’m on Ventura 13.0.1

Hey @dsav

Could you please try to run this installer? Then reboot your computer and try to launch/activate again. Please let us know how that goes!

Take care,

Hi Julia,
Thanks a lot - all working fine now!


Join the BEEN WAITING FOR 3-5 MONTHS CLUB bro smfh!! I’ve been telling these unbothered/unconcerned with FIXING their Sublab XL plugin idiots for almost HALF a YEAR that there is a PROBLEM WITH THEIR >>>>>“LOGIN” screen & that the plugin KEEPS CRASHING on my PC (Win 8.1/I5 2500k CPU, 3D graphics) & won’t allow you past the USER SIGN IN, i.e LOGIN front face security screen/page. I just fking GAVE UP bkz they WERE NOT TRYING TO SERIOUSLY HELP ME RESOLVE THE ISSUE’S/PROBLEMS. >>They had my $$$$ so their attitude was like FK U, what are you gonna/what can you do about it. They basically told ME TO GO FIX IT MYSELF. Or at the least go figure out what the problem Is technically in regards to why the plugin wasn’t working. I could have told them easily. Bkz It’s a POS basically & I don’t care If that hurts their feelings, or offends. MY POCKETS ARE OFFENDED THAT I GOT SCREWED OUT OF $80 FKN DOLLARS!>> So at this point of waiting literally 5 MONTH’S having PAID for the plugin/update & STILL HAVE YET TO PRODUCE OR BE ABLE TO USE IT ON ONE FKN BEAT. I AM IRATE, PISSED, FULL OF FKN RAGE bkz this is NOT how tf you do GOOD BUSINESS! They seem to NOT CARE OR GIVE 1 FK ABOUT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE & CONSISTENT “COMPLAINTS” AS I SEE THEIR ARE NOW MORE PEOPLE SAYING THE SAME THING I SAID. YET THEY’VE DONE NO "RESEARCH, OR BACK CHECKING INTO THE ISSUE THO THOUSANDS HAVE REPORTED IT BEING “BROKEN”! I can’t really talk them bkz I will GO TF OFF, cuzz they A*** out facts on God! So I see that you’r on your 2 to 3rd month to bro smdh. >>WE OUGHT TO SUE THEIR SCAMMING, BUNK PLUGIN SELLING AS FOR REAL! THat’s the main reason I HATE making online purchases. I can’t go BEAT UP, & PUT PRESSURE ON THE PEOPLE WHO STOLE MY $$$$ FROM. Bkz If this was REAL LIFE I’D BE IN JAIL! Bkz I would have for surely came down to their offices & WHOOPED whoever As that wanted a problem with addressing me, my issue, my $$$, & my service bkz SOMEBODY would have to answer & RESPECT ME to my face. You can’t RUN from me IDC who tf you are. But bkz they are ONLINE there’s little to nothing I can do aside FILE A COMPLAINT with my BANK, CREDIT CARD COMPANY ETC! I tried to givem a CHANCE to FIX the bs. But they SHOWED me they weren’t interested In selling a working as promoted product, & or give me my fkn $$$$$ back smdh!! Talking bout she will give me some gah damned free >>EXPANSION PACKS for my troubles lol, I could care LESS about some damn expansions over the plugin NOT working at all! HOW the expansions gone be beneficial when they product WON’T WORK period. All It is is a POS crash dummy plugin is what I call It bkz all It does is CRASSSSHHHH!!! NEVER WORKS, But GREAT AT CRASHING! Thank God It’s not shutting down my whole PC for Christ sake. So you can let them LIE & PLAY YOU thinking they are going to HELP, or FIX your product issue bkz they are NOTTTTT sorry to tell you. I have about a half a YEAR of experience on that topic. I was one of the FIRST to buy the upgrade when It very first came out facts. So you know I’ve been WAIIITTNGG LLOOONNGGGGGG a** time. They don’t RESPECT, & OR APRECIATE THEIR CUSTOMERS BUSINESS, i.e $$$$$, nor do they respect YOUR TIME, & surely they do not respect your/our PATIENCE! We shouldn’t have to EVER PAY FOR ANOTHER FKN UPDATE EVER AGAIN WAITING ALMOST A WHOLE GAH DAMNED YEAR TO USE THEIR PRODUCT AFTE ALREADY HAVING PAID & GAVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT WHICH IS/WAS OUR MONEY! They got theirs and said FK THEM! That’s on THEM If they bought the plugin & It’s not working NOT US!! That’s their attitude. You’ll see. GOOD LUCK 2U BRO bkz you are most definitely tf going to need it. AS You can see I am NO LONGER VERY FOND of this company. And will NOT be advocating any of my many producer Bro’s to buy this POS. At their own risk IF they do. But I’ll WARN them all to not spend their $$$$ bkz of principle, integral reason’s of which they none of facts.

Hey @A.Shakur

We respect all our customers. The thing is that sometimes there are issues that we can’t easily fix without having your computer right beside us. I obviously want to help but literally can’t because I don’t have your computer beside me to look at. Unfortunately we end up in a back and forth where it gets increasing frustrating for you. I understand your anger and I agree that it is our fault.

First, we can issue you with a refund no problem. Just send a mail to support asking for a refund.

Second, the thing is that we also still don’t know what is going on with your computer. My feeling is that it is graphics related. I have suggested steps below, can you follow these?

  1. Go to /Program Files/FAW/SubLabXL/
  2. Double click unins00.exe and uninstall SubLab XL.
  3. Download latest version from your account and run the installer.
  4. Once the installer is finished and you have a clean copy installed, open the file settings.xml in Notepad
  5. Once settings.xml is open, change disableOpenGL=“false” to disableOpenGL=“true”
  6. Launch SubLab XL app and see does it open.

Can you try the above steps?


FINALLY sounds like the>> RIGHT LOGIC ANSWER & SOLUTION. But my REFUND has already been issued.

Which is very ironic after waiting 6 months for NOTHING with zero resolve. What was SO HARD ABOUT what you just said, did?? How HARD could that have possible have been to FIGURE out smdh?

And to be honest I ALREADY KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO BE THE CORE/CENTER FOCUS OF THE PROBLEM bkz for one, as I said the plugin DID OPEN UP, but It just kept CRASHING when I tried to enter my USER INFO as I reported several times. So i KNEW IT WAS GRAPHICS RELATED bkz I’m no idiot, ignorant, & or a novice to computer literature, vernacular, terminology, etymology etc

But what I still didn’t, wouldn’t, & couldn’t know was HOW TO REMEDY, FIX, RESOLVE IT files wise technically. Or how to go behind what features to UNLOCK the graphical error blocking & making the plugin CRASH repeatedly.

So NOW it seems, & sounds correct to my own technical INTELLIGENCE judging from your too late advisement that this IS, probably was the evident culprit.

Unfortunately you have LOST a loyal paying, regular buying customer, & have disappointed me to a degree & level of anger that I just can’t fully express in words, & don’t care to even try to.

It was just a WASTE of my time, efforts, customer loyalty, PATIENCE & $$$$$$ to say the least.

It’s always hurtfully heart breaking to have to FORCE YOURSELF to end a relationship with a thing you LOVE, I.e FAW’s Sub Lab product.

It’s like breaking up with a BEAUTIFUL woman. girlfriend oddly. When It was good It was GREAT. But when It was horrible It was HELLISH! And that Is the sum total of my experience in terms of a metaphorical relationship with FAW smdh!

Damn shame when you WANT TO LOVE some one, or something & It DOESN"T want to love you back. And that’s what this whole Sub lab XL update experience was like unfortunately.

If I could I would RETURN Sub Lab original to for a full REFUND as well bkz when I “break up” in a relationship be it business & or intimately personal, i. e romantic I’m no longer comfortable In the FAITH & or stability of that relationship any longer.

Hence ALL TRUST IS GONE! SO If I have an Issue with Sub Lab original then what? See. That’s why I feel it’s best to just RETURN ALL ASSOCITED PRODUCTS, & or attachments in a relational context

A Divorce from anything Is a hard, & challenging thing to endure. But can many times be the best resolution as not to create any innate spiritual, or physical enemies.

So as I told your led tech. >>“THANKS FOR NOTHING”! Or rather thanks for coming with the RIGHT RESOLVE & ANSWER way too late past after the time for the relationship to get back on track in a healthy manner

That’s why I find your NOW logical customer service help resolve advisement such a JOKE lol smh! Oh NOOOWWWWW after I’ve reached my level of PISS-TIVITY & INSANITY i.e the end of my rope >>>you now HAVE THE RIGHT ANSWERS that would have AVOIDED all this CONTENTION!

Which now I’m DOUBLE PISSED bkz I LOSE, LOST all the way around. My time, my loyalty, efforts, my patience, my kindness, and most of all MY 808 BASS TOOL that I so desperately needed!!!

Now I don’t have that BKZ OF YOU, YOUR COMPANIES INCOMPETENCE & my inability to not be another second more PATIENT thaan the already 6 WHOLE MONTHS THAT I WAITED IN TOTAL FOR A RESOLUTION!

Anyone Is going to be PISSED OFF after buying, purchasing, paying for a product/new thing, I.e Car, Computer, Smart Phone etc (or in this case a digital music software download product) only to NOT BEABLE TO USE IT FOR 6 MONTHS after being PAID FOR IN FULL SMDH!

Do you guys NOT get how OFFENSIVE THAT IS?? Would YOU like to go BUY A NEW HOUSE PAID FOR IN CASH&>>>> be promised to be able to MOVE IN IMMEDIATELY

Only to NOT be allowed to move In to your paid for home bkz of the incompetency, or negligence’s of your Real estate agent, or the prior home owner, & or the Bank backing the transactions etc?? Whatever the case maybe It’s NOT YOUR FAULT, or yourself at blame smdh.

It’s just a f WASTE! And all you get after investing 6 wasted MONTHS of your $$$, time, efforts, patience, life get told I’m sorry for your frustrations, here’s a full refund as If y’all have done me a favor ahah lmao…

I know you’ll give me a full refund bkz I’ll SUE thru my bank, & records of course. So you’ve done me no favors. What have done was wasted my valuable TIME as TIME is the most valuable asset we ALL bkz we all only have a small amount of it to LIVE In our lifetimes facts!

And that’s what I’m most pissed & offended about. The lack of EMPATHY, & RESPECT for others lives, time, HOPES, & DREAMS! this Is a SMALL thing to you, but for some one trying to realize their DREAMS your plugin FAILING them or their business dealings with a company such as yours may have them “JADED”!

Just like I am now. I no longer TRUST you name, company & brand. And I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE LEGIT. MAKE GOOD, SOLID PRODUCTS! But when you FAIL TO KEEP THE FAITH of a persons BELIEF IN YOU & your ability to deliver & NOT let them down, to NOT make them FEEL IN the way I do now In this moment

That ENERGY, SPIRIT of disappointment will eventually catch up to your company, business model and at some point self destruct. Then YOU to will feel that same repression, desperation, lost of FAITH in people, companies, things etc that you believe In.

So you have effectively HURT you image, & the former IMPRESSION that I had of your brand, & company. I firstly saw you as THE PREMIER In BASS SYNTH technologies.

Now I just see you as a OPPORTUNIST, un empathetic elitist who are only In this business to take advantage of the rich market of music producers available to prey on economically. Not an a organic ROOT PRODUCER COMMUNITY based platform that I prior though of you as where the COMMUNITY DEFINED the terms, NOT the CORPARATE offices smdh.

And lastly. I’m STILL HAVING PROBLEMS with Sub Lab original. I’ve just never REPRTED it bkz I knew that THIS would be all that would happen, I.e a WASTE of my time, efforts, energy to do things the RIGHT, & RESPECTABLE way unlike what you & your company haven’t done for me.

Even Sub lab one is trash. It takes 3 minute’s or so to open up for one. & then it’s CPU elephant heavy coding makes It run like a broken down wagon smh

I haven’t even USED Sub lab one neither In like a year bkz when I do try to load It it runs so horribly I have to take It off my instrument insert swear to God smh!!

So the whole TOTAL EXPERIENCE has been a complete & utter fkn NIGTHMARE to say the least. 2 years ago whe I first heard of your company I.e FAW (sub lab) I would have rated your guys a 10/10 easily.

Now jump to today in 2022-223 I would give you nothing more than a ZERO to maybe a 2 for the concept of Sub lab & the GUI’s graphic appeal.

But everything ELSE Is a 0000000 zero rate in my opinion at this point bkz the product In general Is so defective, I.e BUGGY, has way to many TECH ISSUES to be being SOLD on an open music producer software market as “RELIABLE/STABLE” software bkz that would be a LIE now wouldn’t It just saying.

One of the absolute WORST EXPERIENCES with a music software company that I have ever had In my 48 years of life on this Earth facts on God. May even be the worst bkz when I close my eyes & think of that statement the only worst memory that just In my mind Is with FAW/Sub lab

Well no, maybe It was with company “Gospel Producers” ironically with the SAME exact kind, type of product base which was an 808 BASS SYNTH plugin that was exclusively made to be focused on 808 sub basses just like THIS one was.

And BOTH situations, experiences as a paying customer where equally nightmarish. And to this day i haven’t spent another dime with GOSPEL PRODUCERS even tho I LOVE their products, plugins etc. Just like I loved FAW’s Sub Lab. But I will NOT BE DISRESPECTED, UNAPPRECIATED, & LEFT FOR DEAD literally by no company, I don’t care how MUCH I love their product!

AS I will NOT EVER TOLERATE disrespect, wasting my TIME, not valuing my customer loyalty etc & so on.

I’ve learned through the years of spending 10’s of THOUSANDS of dollars on software plugins that the best way to FLEX my power, & for my voice to be heard, concerns to be address is TO TAKE MY $$$$$$$ & my customer participation i.e ECONOMIC SUPPORT that i provide by TRUSTING, & FAITHFULLY>>>PURCHASING a made product with your name on It.

I represent ultimate what is ONE that really accounts for MANY bkz their are BILLIONS of people on this planet. So eventually that ONE dissatisfied customer turns into literal MILLIONS. That’s when you get to go BYE BYE, I.e “BANKRUPT”!

And hopefully FAW & Sub lab get as a company get the “KARMA” of failure and WASTED effort returned one day as you have wasted peoples time, $$, efforts in that same regard smdh. You do BAD (bad business) & it comes back to haunt you In the end trust me when I tell you this

And As I said. I’m NEVER even using your products again even though I still have Sub lab original license. I will find a NEW & BETTER PLUGIN/COMPANY that has just as equal of a product technology wise

And you BASS HARMINOZER engine is NOT so unique as their are plethora of individual, or feature added products that provide that type of coding. So you can & WILL be replaced.

Off topic, but the posts from A.Shakur are hilarious. I hope somebody printed them and put them up by the coffee machine at FAW HQ.

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I had the same issue, and the installer provided by Julia fixed it. Thanks!

It’s not gonna be to funny when their a*** go out of business though ahaha. Now that would truly be hilarious bkz they surely deserve to lol smdh.

That’s ok though. Just a couple of days ago coincidently after my warning to FAW aka (Fake Audio Workshop lol) the >>Famous Music software You Tube reviewer “Weaver beat’s” just did a “WORST PLUGINS OF THE YEAR” and Sub Lab XL was the FIRST one he reviewed, & gave the thumbs down to ahahah.

I didn’t have to do nothing, say nothing etc lol. That KHARMA is a b****! I tried to warn these idiot’s that If you F’d me over that GOD was on my side bkz of all the things I’ve done In his name opposed to living by “Word ly” ways . So I’ve done enough GOOD In this life for people selflessly that whenevr anyone tries to screw me over, do my wrong then GOD makes sure they pay. Mark my words FAW will go out of business SOON, I. e sooner than you think ahah!!

So you, them, can all laugh It up & kiss my blk A*** while y’all at It bkz I (Armon) WILL have the last laugh at the end of the day WATCH wtf I tell you lmao!!

Keep thinking I’m not chosen, special. I don’t have to fight the word ly world challenges bkz God ALWAYS makes sure that my justice Is served! And coldly at that ahah!!

You can’t go around just screwing people over IN life. What you do to others COMES BACK to your a*** ten fold. That’s what I was promised. As long as I don’t do It. I.e HURT anyone bkz they have taken advantage of my, or slighted me in the least of ways bkz I make sure that I myself don;t do that to anyone.

So we shall see. Man is not more powerful than GOD is. Well I doubt being you even believe IN GOD being a European, I.e Caucasian ijs lol. KNow y’all don’t believe In God! That’s WHY he doesn’t work for you, he ONLY works for those who truly, whole hearted believe facts. And that I more than do.

So as I told FAW’s bs tech. THE WORD IS STARTING TO GET OUT! And that (Weaver Beat’s) BAD REVIEW was the start. Soon they’ll be TONS of videos exposing, disparaging, & discouraging fellow producers like myself to NOT purchase that bs plugin ahah.

And I don;t care wtf they did for you. All I care about Is wtf they DIDN’T do for me! Now all of a sudden THEY"RE HELPING PEOPLE TO GET THE PLUGIN TO WORK!

But when I tried to get help for 6 damn month’s they were a no show, ignored me essentially aside from 1 initial support message I made, then answered to 2 replies I left on other users comment thread’s having the same problems plus more.

But again. Those 2, 3 actually only one technically, but they popped their heads up on the other users comment bkz I was telling them how garbage the plugin was and they were trying to do DAMAGE CONTROL lmao ahahah smdh.

So I have NOTHING nice, good, & or positive to say about FAW bkz they don’t deserve it/haven’t earned it facts. So fk them In my book, straight up!

Their day of reckoning & pending DOOM will come soon enough! AS long as GOD finishes them whenever he does I’ll be satisfied with that. I.e when I don’t SEE FAW Sublab on the market anymore & their popularity has detrimentally waned ahah!!

So chuck it bucko. Just makes God go work on my enemies even faster for laughing & taunting me that’s all. Watch what tf. It’s been happening this way my whole life, so I know exactly what I’m talking about regardless how unrealistic It may sound to you.

Just like In LIFE. The ONLY things truly possibly are the things we truly believe In be that success, love, wealth. You MUST In deftly believe for the Universe to hear you, & answer to you call, wish, hopes, prayers, goals whatever the case may be. It’s called FAITHH!! That Is more POWERFUL than any bs talking point a human like you or them could have to say facts ahah lol

Well GOOD FOR YOU! Congratulations you wanna fkn cookie ahaha smh.