Sublab XL CRASHES on Win 8.1

Got the plugin/everything Installed correctly per usual with out a hitch. Only problem that I’m having is is that when I try to open the plugin in “Stand Alone” (as I do most all my plugins that have SA feature) It comes on as If everything Is working as It should, but the second I go try to fill out my Information, i.e put my Email & Pass Word Into the plugin to “ACTIVATE” It It CRASHES when I click the “Login” button. So essentially, & literally I can’t gain access to my own plugin. One thing I hate with a passion is PAYING for something (in this case a simple music software plugin) and 3 DAYS LATER I still can’t get it to work correctly smdh. What’s BAFFLING ME is that the plugin IS properly INSTALLED bkz the plugin IS POPPING UP when I hit the Apps Icon on my Desk top. It works fine all up until I try to LOGIN my User info, then it crashes. Of course being well versed in “Plugin Installations” I tried moving the plugin & It’s correlating file folders from the C: drive to my external D: drive BUT that didn’t work. So I moved it BACK to C again. Still didn’t work. MIND YOU that I even UNINSTALLED “SUBLAB 1”, and “SUBLAB XL” as well by way of my (remove programs) I.e not manually but letting the plugin & Windows uninstall It’s self. I Also checked the “APP DATA (roaming) & PROGRAM DATA” areas just for good measure and everything appeared to be In proper context. So I can’t figure out for the life Of me WHY the plugin In won’t let me simply sign In without crashing. It also has yet to show the plugin In my music/beat making program I use which is Native Instruments “Maschine” software. For the record SuBLab1 worked seamlessly in/on my PC aside from it having BUGZ which made the software run mildly CLUNKY. That also made me STOP using the program. So when I saw the MAJOR NEWS OF AN UPDATE I was very optimistic that the prior problems I had with the clunky ness of SBL1 would have been corrected, and improved upon If not made better altogether. No way would have I for seen PAYING FOR THE UPDATE which I really didn’t want to do In the first place & to be totally honest didn’t feel I/we customers who bought SBL1 should have to pay for the update. But I said I’ll go ahead & get it to see what’s the new features about. And Sublab XL Is the BEST BASS Synth plugin at least In my opinion. But this will make It I believe the 3RD PLUGIN between last month & this month that I’ve paid $$$$ for and the plugins won’t/don’t work correctly. Then, when reached out to for SUPPORT I get treated as If I’m a criminal & I stole the d**n plugin (not you guys) or I am lying about my issue with their products smh lol. Unbelievable. The last thing I expected & wanted to deal with was Sublab XL NOT WORKING correctly! That threw me off. I said damn, another $$$$$ down the drain. WONDERING has anyone else faced this dilemma? I’m on Win 8.1, 500gb on board my main HD, and a 2 TERAbyte external HD. Intel 2500k unlocked CPU, 8 gigs Ram (of course 16 Is ideal, but MB is maxed out). And believe it or not this set up runs pretty smoothly for the most part, I just can’t load a girth of plugins up in my DAW. So yeaah. If ANYBODY Is having CRASHES but the plugin is IS working, and Installed correctly let me know If you have remedied this issue guys!

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Hey @A.Shakur,

Let me parse everything here.

  1. Your trying to activate and when you click “Login” it crashes.
  2. You have installed SubLab XL on your “C:” drive, but also tried installing on your “D:” external drive.

I think what is up is something with SubLab XL when it tries to create the keyfile on your hard-disk.

Is there anything you have to add that might help? Did you select different locations for the installation folder during install? Any hints would be really appreciated.

Thanks for your patience, we’ll get to the bottom of it for sure. I’ll get back later with some more questions.


Nope. Told you all that relevantly applies smh. Evidently It’s time to start issuing out REFUNDS! Also… Product support Is terrible, slow as #Sluggz! Been almost/heading towards a WEEK now & haven’t heard but one Initial reply to my Issue & was giving ZERO answers, possible problem solve, or trouble shoot. You can’t ask people to WAIT WEEKS for something, i.e a purchased product when YOU have your Money $$$$ IMMEDIATELY & do NOT have to WAIT on a “Payment process” issue smdh. <<<WHY CAN’T THE PAYING CUSTOMER RECIEVE THAT SAME RESPECT??? Apparently you guys get back to customer support WHENER you feel like, not at the convenience of the paying customer who also has a LIFE TO LIVE, & don’t necessarily have the TIME to wait for a YEAR to get a resolve from a sluggish customer support techs. This Is YOUR JOB, not mines. I am a WORKING Man & a Music Producer. If I got PAID to do product tech support as you do, TRUST I’d be the BEST, most EXPEDITIOUS tech you had on the payroll I assure bkz I take PRIDE In my work, & efforts no matter how menial, small, & or important that work may entail smdh. Iknew I shouldn’t have upgraded.<< THIS IS THE SECOND PLUGIN I OWN THIS WEEK ALONE that I’ve paid for yet It DOESN’T WORK!! Mind you>>BOTH Plugins, YOURS along with the other both worked fine BEFORE I stupidly PAID my $$$ for plugins that haven’t worked, installed, or downloaded. And what do I get for my $$$$, BUSINESS< loyalty, patience etc??? NOTHING. Nothing but DISRESPECT, & told to “HURRY UP & WAIT UNTIL WE"RE READY TO HELP YOU, OTHERWISE TUFF TITTY”! That’s why I Hate making “Digital” purchases online vs physical bkz you can’t MAKE the company who TOOK your money & sold you a BUNK product (non working) pay it back least you go thru a bunch of headaches & hassles 7 call our BANK etc smh. So sick & tired of this crap! Then got the nerve to get an “ATTITUDE” with the paying customers when they are P****sed off bkz they feel they’ve been screwed, played, taken advantage of. The Audacity>>>ALL OF THIS (get rich off copy coding to create plugins) COULD GO AWAY just like we made It a highly PROFITABLE industry, we can also “DRAIN the SWAMP” , i.e as President DJ Trump would say & extrapolate, or rather make the Industry go broke, poor like when It wasn’t as popular of a trend! I for one Am getting sick of It. BEGGING, & WAITING for help, and or being all out ignored by the product developer/company smh!!