BEING SILENCED by Sublab XL admin techs!

Men, Women, fellow producers alike. I am being SILENCED for trying to EXPOSE the TRUTH behind FAW’s intentions, & as well pertaining to WHY your SubLab Xl plugin has NOT worked, & or functioned properly as marketed, SOLD, & promoted.

I won’t go to deep as I did In a message I left not 5 whole minutes ago that was IMMEDIATELY DELTED bkz I was encouraging you guys to ask for REFUNDS until they get your PAID FOR product fixed.

Bkz again, as I was trying to WARN you guys that they will NEVER HELP YOU RESOLVE YOUR ISSUE’S with their DEFECTIVE plug. & as I also iterated, I spent, WAITED 6 MONTH’S to be assisted, helped or given some type of solution, or fix to the problem. They absolutely 99% IGNORED my pleas for help.

& the more PATIENT (yet frustrated asfk) that I was the more FAW tech staff took advantage of my kindness for weakness! The more they ignored me, my service request.

They DID GIVE ME A REFUND for the update. But As I said In my message left prior that was STRICKEN, DELETED CONSPIRATORIALLY so, I waited 6 whole MONTH’s, that’s half a year smdh!!

So CLEARLY they are NOT grateful, nor appreciative of our time, $$$$, & FAITH in their services & ability to deliver a consistent, WORKING, solid product WORTH our TIME< efforts & $$$$ , attentions & focus.

We even PROMOTE it freely on our You Tube channels, word of mouth to fellow producers etc & they make MILLIONS with literally zero expense occurred for marketing facts.

The LEAST they can do Is provide a reasonably WORKING damn product. & at the least have some gratitude & RESPECT for what we do for them as loyal, paying customers bkz I’m sick & tired of feeling POWERLESS when I have paid for a DIGITAL PRODUCT that I can’t get my value out of off, & that I can’t somehow make them HONOR our verbal, digital business contract where I HAVE NO CHOICE but to PAY for the SERVICES I want. But they, i.e FAW & companies like then DON’T HAVE TO FIX, ADDRESS, OR DO ANYTHING about honoring their end of the bargain with you aside from make you WAIT 6 MONTHS, offer zero assistance, resolve, help & hen offer you a REFUND & tell you, message you “SORRY FOR YOUR FRUSTRATION, HERE’S YOUR REFUND”!

No we apologize that we wasted 6 months of your literal life tho lmao WOW!! >> Not we apologize bkz we know that you DEPEND & PAID FOR a working product from FAW that is consistent & >>RELIABLE so that you don’t ever get In a pinch & LOSE A CLIENT, PROJECT, WORK opportunity’s due to our product failing you. Nothing!!

They DON’T CARE about you or your time/$$$$. I couldn’t believe how FAST THEY DELTED MY FIRST COMMENT BKZ I REALLY WENT IN ON THAT ONE FOR YOU GUYS LOL!

I was EXPOSING to many FACTS bkz WHY would you delete my message telling them as GOOD, loyal, PATIENT paying customers to DEMAND A REFUND until they get your product working as marketed & SOLD!

We should NOT have to do without our hard earned $$$$ for 6 month’s, to a YEAR while their lazy a*** take their time FIXING apparent, glaring, heavily REPORTED ISSUE’S with their products!


Interesting… and I thought I was being a bit ratty when I started to get annoyed after waiting for about 2 or 3 weeks now. I’ve even potentially identified the problem with the coding script by letting them know the original SubLab v1.1.3 works perfectly fine whereas every update after it does the same thing SubLab XL does, which is open up and looks like it’s in order until you hit a MIDI key and nothing happens. It seems I have clearly identified the issue with the coding script and yet I am still waiting for this to be resolved. To be fair, they did respond and say they would deal with the issue. We shall see. It would be a great shame to have to get a refund and then not be able to use SubLab XL at all even if and when they fix it eventually. I’m sure they CAN fix it with the information I have provided and I am certain it shouldn’t take long. It’s just a matter of identifying where they altered the coding script in the original SubLab after v1.1.3 it seems, so there is really not much excuse at this stage; it SHOULD be fixed and it SHOULD be soon. @Gavin_FAW got back to me a few times, but went pretty quiet over the past week or so (I can tolerate this because of the time of year it is, but I’m waiting since he has got back to me again a few days ago and nothing since then. He did say he will take a look at what the issue is on Acid Pro 11, which is what I use and inquired about as I presumed it is working on other DAWs since I see videos of people using it to make some pretty impressive sub glides on YouTube. I feel sorry for you, you have been waiting over 6 months whereas I have been waiting only a few weeks now tops. I hope this issue is resolved soon. They will start to panic if they see customers banding together here because it will make them realize that’s what’s going on on other forums where they have no power over the fact and this isn’t good for them at all. It would be such a great shame to see FAW fold because of this or even at all because when their plugins work they are really high quality and low cost. I have SubLab (which I had to reinstall v1.1.3 when I found the updates do the same thing SubLab XL does - which is nothing LMAO) and I have Circle2 and both are awesome plugins that I couldn’t imagine producer life without.

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@A.Shakur, you’ve been refunded. I apologize for not being able to help. Obviously if I could I would.

@mnexsis I don’t think installing 1.1.3 is the way to go in your case. Please see my reply in the other thread.

Good that FAW came through and provide the refund and i’m also glad that this is posted public. Its a sign they are taking responsibility for any misunderstandings. Its very difficult to get a program to work on multiple operating systems and the many DAWs. Its not simple and they have to solve very difficult time consuming problems. I can’t even list the number other plugin companies glad to take your money, never update or communicate back to the customers.

Running a public forum like this is a huge risk to the company but its a huge benefit to customers to share ideas & use cases with the software. I’ve seen other forums turn into a complain fest and demanding features. (Ableton / Bitwig for example… Ableton just stopped responding in their forum and bitwig shut theirs down!)

Lucky for me SublabXL is working great here. Sublab XL seems to be a more modern version of Sublab that is a little more fun to use and intuitive than the original.

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Yeah, we never have an issue with giving a refund and will reply always so long as people don’ t get abusive.

The forums can become a wild west for sure. We’ve update the forum with an FAQ which I hope will improve the tone of post like the one above.