Distortion section bug

Using the most recent version of Reason 12, the “Overdrive” and “Grunge” circuits of the Distortion section just result in either a feedback loop type high pitched whine, or a barely audible / no sound output. Switching back to “Darkdrive” or “tube” gets sound out but losing half the function of a good distortion section is a bummer. Is this why so few presets use those circuits?

Even with “Afterburner” which loads with the grunge circuit, if I switch out and then come back, it’s that high pitched whine. Is this a bug? does XL fix this?

This sound’s like some bug where by Subab is not getting disk read access in Reason, not sure why that would happen without checking.

I’ve put a task in the backlog and I’ll get you over a copy of XL to check out also.

Thanks for your patience!