Logic Pro X Preset Issues


I just bought this VST and all of the Hits DNA Vol. 1 Presets sound really bad. It’s like they are too loud and too distorted. I played around with all of the tools inside of it, turning the distortion off, messing around with all of the synth and x-sub settings and lowering the volume. Lowering the volume works to get the distortion out but then I can’t hear the bass at all. It might be my based on my rookie skill level and how I am just learning about everything in mixing, but I can’t figure it out. I have look up multiple videos of how to fix this and even just make my own, but even exactly following the instructions on one video, all my notes sound extremely distorted and nothing like what was being played in the video. I am using KRK Rokit 5 speakers so I don’t think it’s my setup. Just looking for any help cause from the videos I watched, these 808s really give a crazy punch and I want to be able to use it. Thanks!

@Samuel, that all sounds totally fine. Can you do me a favor, if you take a screen shot of Logic Pro X while one of the presets is making noise and then also make a recording of the audio I’ll have a better idea of what is happening.

To take a screen shot, just have logic showing on the screen and also sublab and the press the “Command + Shift” and then “3”

I am running macOS Mojave version 10.14.6 on a 2018 MacBook Pro. I’m also running Logic Pro X version 10.4.5

EDIT: @Gavin_FAW