Sublab x Reason 10 x UA Arrow tuning issue

Curious if this is specific to the UA Arrow side of things, Reason, or a combo of both and was hoping to see if anyone else has this issue.

The above setup yields certain presets for me including the default 11th Dimension preset which defaults to D# and -50 cents in the Sampler section of Sublab. I initially thought maybe this had something to do with my midi controller settings but even using QWERTY input, the problem persists.

Today I was in a studio session with Apogee interfaces on my laptop and I noticed the problem didn’t seem to persist.

I think I burned one of my downloads just to make sure I had the most current installer in v1.0.3 which it looks like I do so just trying to see where the culprit of this issue lies. The UX/UI is so straightforward that it’s not too difficult to get things in tune but it’s always a bit of a bummer when I’m checking out some presets and I go off by a semitone or 2 ha.

Even still, this thing is game changer status and hats of to all involved. Cheers!

Hey @nightshift, we have a beta ready that has a fix for this tuning issue. Send a mail through to with the title “Sample Tuning” and your OS and we’ll get it over to you.


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Appreciate the quick response Gavin! guess I’m not the only one working the night shift ha. Will email shortly to give the beta a go. Cheers!

Looks like y’all got it working correctly!

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