Crackling sound & Crashing

I’m on Fl studio 20 & i’ve encountered a recent issue where i would get cracking at the tail of any 808 through the presets or created by hand.

Hey @iiJune,

Can you let me know more details about your operating system (win or macOS)

I"m also getting the same issue. Fl Studio 20 on an M1 mac running rosetta

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Hey @jbranson

Just getting a fix together, stay posted, will be releasing later today :+1:

thanks man, any word on the fix?

Hey @jbranson,

Just sent you over the link via PM…its M1 native so would be great for you to check it out and report back :+1:


Would it be possible to also send a link over to me?

I think you should have gotten the link @iiJune via pm :+1:

Let me know how it goes!

could I get a link please also running M1

@dannydan check your pms…


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@Gavin_FAW Hello, I’m experiencing this issue as well and I have to keep switching HW Buffer Size in the Playback Engine setup. My DAW is Pro Tools 2022 on macOS Catalina 10.15.7. Thank you.