Clicks and Pops in Logic

All instances of SubLab are creating clicks and pops upon sample release. I have gone through the menu options, and there is no correlation between having options on or off. I have tried with and without compressor and distortion engaged, and they remain the same.
The clicks and pops are there when audio gets printed as well.
10.5.1, Mac OSX, Logic Pro
Anyone else having problems?

Hey @afrokeys,

What version are you running? Also have you tried setting impact to zero on the sampler and see if that helps?


This is happening to me too, in reaper. No settings changes help, and honestly that shouldn’t be necessary. It should never pop no matter how it’s set.

I agree, thing is we’re finding it hard to track down what exactly is the cause.

Usually clicks and pops happen when either your processor is getting over used or something is up inside the synth.

One thing you can check is to go to the Sampler and make sure the impact is set to 0%. Then also go to the limiter on the master and set it all the up to the top so that it is off.

Let me know if you are still hearing clicks.