Circle 2.2.1 RC3 - Not Showing Icon on KK NKS

Hi. I just made a fresh install for Circle 2.1.1 RC3 and the Icon into Komplete Kontrol dissapear. The Preview Sound and the Circle are working. Only the Missing Icon. Sublab is working fine.
I include all information regarding libraries on libraries preferences and re-scan into KK. nothing happened.

-Windows-10 (all updated)
-KK-12 (all updated)

See this photo. I appreciate your support. Thank you


Anyone here please ???

@a.baroni let me look into it here :slight_smile:

You have the latest KK that was released yesterday?


I got the new version and Rescan. Nothing changed. The Icon is not there. Interesting that it´s the only one. I have tons of NKS products and only Circle 2 is not working for me.

Let me have a look into it @a.baroni, we’ve done a lot of changes and while we beta tested, sometime these things only crop up once we release a version.


I appreciate. Thank you.

Hi Gavin. Did you test it? thank you again.

Hi @a.baroni, I’ll have a look this week and see what is up. Also can you make sure that you have the latest KK installed, we were having the same issue with SubLab and NI fixed it in the update. Thanks for the patience.


Hi Garin

Just check and KK is updated. The problem persist. Not with SubLab, but with Circle2. Thank you.

And have you installed the latest Circle2 update? Its available here:

That should work, the only thing is if you changed the default installation directory (usually C://Program Files/FAW/Circle), that might cause an issue as KK won’t find the image for circle2 at when it checks this directory.


Hi Gavin,

I reinstall the last Circel 2 Version and nothing yet. I didn’t´change the default installation for the software. BUT I installed the VST2 in other folder (where I put all my VST´s)

Any other suggestion? Wait for the next KK update?

Hi Gavin.

Nothing for me until now. I tried to reinstalll and nothing. Any news? Did you tried it to tell me if it´s my fault or not? I have a lot of VST and NKS products and I know about these products. Thank you.

Hi @Baroni,

The way NKS works is that first a folder with the and audio presets are copied into c:/Program Files/FAW/SubLab/ThirdParty

Then we write into the registry the path where KK has to look for these presets ( c:/Program Files/FAW/SubLab/ThirdParty ).

Somewhere along this path, things have gone wrong, either the files are not copied (which I don’t think is the case) or the registry entry is not working.

The weird thing is that this was a known issue with the second last update of Maschine and KK. NI released an update and then the icons appeared again and it was fixed.

I’m also not sure what the issue could be from moving the VST to another location. I haven’t tried this, but so long as KK is scanning for plugins correctly and finds the VST, then it should link back to the folder (using the registry entry mentioned above) that contains the images and presets.

The fact that the icon is missing and you have the presets, points to you not having the latest version of KK, but then you would also not see SubLab.


Hi Gavin,

I tried to delete all datas from Circle 2 on HD and Registry and reinstall all again.
I also did the procedures for KK to find the NKS DLL and rescan the NKS libraries.
Nothing.See the photos.

BUT I notice the following. As I have Sublab and it´s working, I tried to compare the files. I notice that Sublab has the SubLad.meta on correct folders.

The Circle 2 don´t have it any “.meta” files on folders. I believe that is the problem. See the photos.

How to correct it? Can you send me this Circle2 meta file to try here?

Thank you
Alexandre Baroni

I have the same issue, just installing all my software onto a new laptop, latest Komplete Kontrol and also Maschine software is missing the icons too. I also noticed the standalone also misses the icon, I had to manually update the desktop shortcut to find it.

Finally someone else. I´m not a Dumb in this market. I have more than 6Tb of VST and Libraries and I know that nobody is perfect. I already found this problem on products from Embertone, Waves and NI. And all the time it was not my fault and they correct sometime. Please, we need more attention for this simples problem please FAW!!!

Hi. I solved the problem. I installed my first 2.2.0 version here and It worked and showed the Icon. After that, I installed the last versions 2.2.1 RC3 and it is working now. I thing that the last version is missing something. Or Version 2.2.0 included something news that I don´t know what it is.