[Latest Beta Links] Circle 2.2.1 macOS & Windows (Updated November 2019)

Hey everyone,

Just uploaded a new beta of Circle 2.2.1 for macOS and Windows

In this update, we’ve finally added resizable GUI. Simply drag the bottom corner and Circle2 will resize. To reset back to 100%, just navigate to “settings” on the bottom nav bar and click “reset interface size”

Changelog since 2.2.0

  • Added openGL support for faster GUI response.

  • Updated to latest JUCE 5.4, retina screens on Windows should now have a correctly scaled interface, regardless of resolution.

  • Added resizable GUI.

  • Added VST3 support.

Download Link for macOS:
Download Link for Windows:

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Just updated the download links with a new beta version.


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@Gavin_FAW at first glance there is a big improvement: opening time dropped from 8/10 seconds in the previous release to 2/3 seconds in this release, that’s great! Resize function is smooth as in SubLab, will now deeply test it.

Hi @Gavin_FAW something find…

  • I resize Circle and tweak parametrs
  • Minimize it and play my track
  • When I re-open Circle it’s at the minimum size available

in any case it doesn’t happen all the time , let me understand if there is a precise circumstance.

Ok, let me check this one out tomorrow Andy :slight_smile:


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Just a heads up, I had to install Komplete Kontrol to get Circle2 2.2.0 and up to show up in Maschine 2.10.0

You had to install KK to get it to show up in Maschine 2.10.0? Thats a bit of a weird one. I know that the issue is on Native Instruments side.

@Gavin_FAW Am I wrong or you never released this RC 2.2.1 ? I just downloaded the installer and it’s still 2.2.0 (clicking on TRY CIRCLE) because I didn’t find the Circle download in my account.


Hey @Residente! You can find the 2.2.1 downloads here.

Whoops! Looks like we need to update the try circle link!

We wait for the Native m1 version!

@Aleko hang in there!!


I am going to be here! :raised_hands:

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