GUI Size bigger please


It is everything OK in this version.
Could it the GUI a little bit bigger?



@Francisco_Velazquez, just moving this to the feature request section, definitely one that has come up before. I think it is something we will have to tackle in Circle³ as to make the interface bigger we would have to adjust every single component and then we might as well redo the entire interface…along with other things :wink:

You do know I reported to you the enlarged standalone with the global system text at 125%, right? (Windows)

Maybe this ‘trick’ can be used in the plugin too?

hmmm…a bummer to read this will be moved to a v.3 update…

This thing is vector based right? Why isn’t it possible to make custom scaling available? It is scaling to a retina resolution properly, right? Or is that in the standalone only?

Hey @blipofthefish

We are vector based, but in order to do the GUI resizing correctly, we need to have implement a “resize” function for every component in Circle. This is a massive amount of work. As we are planning Circle 3, what would be better is for us to start fresh with Circle 3’s interface and do the resizing as part of that work rather than doing it twice.

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fair enough. Thnx for the explanation

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@blipofthefish agree 100% that is it a must-have feature :slight_smile:

:slight_smile: These days it kinda is. I must admit, that it is quite finnicky to program C2. And although i do run the beta for bug hunting, i rarely open it to use it in a project, because of it’s size, which is a shame…


Yeah, I do appreciate the feedback. I use an iMac 27 here and think that we could use more of the screen real-estate for sure.

I’m a beta tester for Black Rooster Audio as well, they implemented a smart solution for resizing. Not fully personalized resizing but a menu where you can choose 90%-100%-110%-120% of the GUI size.
I’m not a deveolper but I think it is easy to implement and can satisfy every user.

@Residente, that’s exactly the way we would do it, allowing the user to drag to resize would be overkill and unnecessary, but definitely having the ability to view bigger on the high res large monitors would be great :wink:

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