Gonna need to update the forum for SubLab now :)

Gonna need to update the forum for SubLab now :slight_smile:
But i’m a Circle 2 user as well, i just don’t see there’s a forum online :frowning:



:grin: true!

We’re going to add a new forum for SubLab, I’ll get it setup. It’s not even mean to be live yet but the cat got out of the bag a couple of days early!

Also we’re going to send out the new version of Circle2 that has a re-sizeable GUI very soon, which we implemented as we got it working for SubLab. So it is a win-win for everyone :slight_smile:


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That’s very nice indeed !
Nice to meet you @Gavin_FAW, i’m the one who had email exchange with Julia few hours ago with the Mac Erasing Presets when you use both Circle 2 and SubLab - i sort it out by my side was not a complicated issue ! hope i help you to fix as quickly as possible

cheers :wink:

Yes, that was super helpful @TeKiNovah and thanks for that :slight_smile:

Just updating the banner and getting the new forum setup.


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Hi @Gavin_FAW , Windows version will be released? For Circle2 I mean

@Residente yup, we generally develop on macOS first and then once we have everything working we jump onto doing the Windows. All we need to do is update the windows installer and we should be good to go with a Windows beta. We’re going to be busy with SubLab over the next days, but once we have some breathing space, then the Circle2 update on Windows will be put together.


@Gavin_FAW yeah! can’t wait for the resizable GUI.
There will be a SubLab beta testing?

@Residente check your PMs…

@Gavin_FAW :+1: thanks mate


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@Gavin : i didn’t notice but there’s a new issue on SubLab Installer-v1.0.1.dmg
I send on support like few hours ago… :frowning: on sample section this time check 808 signature 1 after installing the new update for mac and you will see… or heard :wink:

Hi Gavin,

Could I also be in the sublab beta testing for windows?

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See PMs :slight_smile: