Circle 2.2.1 Window resize issue

Hi, I just installed the Circle 2/2.2.1 update (Thank You!) that features the resizeable interface window.
When I went to enlarge the window to a larger size on my screen (iMac macOS Mojave 10.14.6), the new size remains, but I can’t find the resizer widget at the bottom right of the interface to resize it back down, no matter what I try. It’s not visible so I can resize the interface. Please help!

Hi @johnS,

I’ll have a look into it, but we also have a button under “settings” in the bottom bar that will reset the interface size to default. Check the image below and let me know if this helps.


Thank you, Gavin! That fixed it!

I resized the window manually to the maximum size of my screen, but by doing so, it cut off the bottom links. I could only see barely the top of the character words for Patches | Keyboard | Settings | Effects and Control. Luckily I was able to click on the Settings tab to find the button to reset.

Ok, that makes sense @johnS, I was worried that the resize control in the corner was disappearing while still visible on screen :+1:

Hi Gavin,

Well, the resizer widget wasn’t visible to me because the interface was cropped off at the bottom. There was no scrolling option to view the bottom of the interface. Either way, I’m glad you pointed me to where the reset window screen size button was in the settings tab. Enjoying the new version.

@johns sounds like your back in action and glad you like the new version!