Circle 2 not displaying properly on 4K monitor


I’ve been using Circle on Cubase for years now, and it’s always worked fine. Recently, about 2 seconds after you load it onto a track, its interface resizes itself and gets really small, like this:

Weirder still, the mouse cursor is in the red circle in the middle (it doesn’t show when you take a screenshot) and it selects the component (marked in red below) that would be there if it were showing full size. Clearly this is unusable. Same thing happens to SubLab (link because I can only post one image per post).

So I set the Cubase HiDPI setting on and it looks way better. You can use it and the mouse acts normally on whatever component it’s over. It does sometimes look a little funny inside its window but you can resize it and it looks fine.

Sometimes it will look like this, but if you resize it it goes back to normal, too.

I used to not use the HiDPI version because all the Waves plugins don’t scale up and get crazy tiny, but I can learn to love it if at least Circle and SubLab look better on it - and they do, they’re just not perfect, for some reason, as you can see.

I’m running Cubase Artist 10 on Windows 10. It seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon so I’m not sure if it was some recent update and/or if it’s happening only in Cubase.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s another example for you:!AhfhND5NJ8_BxcZ9TN-Sx9rfJLl64w?e=8MEJaV

Hey @portolyan,

We’re going to have a look at this, we’re looking at a circle2 update next.

We had some issues like this in Ableton with the VST3, so I do know where the problem could be coming from and hopefully it will be an easy fix.