Recent Disappointment within Reaper

I find Circle to be a fantastic way of introducing synth sounds to my mixes, but even before the 2.1 release I noticed some stability issues (arbitrarily stopped working, leading to restart sessions in Reaper).

Well after the update things got worst. I still get the ‘arbitrarily stops working’ bug, but restarting doesn’t necessarily fix the issue (I have to re-add a midi track, move the midi file from old->new and re-apply any fx/routing).

What’s more, previous settings were not respected after the update! This means I have a half-finished album of songs that I need to re-do all of my synth sounds for! That is not cool man!

Am I the only one who is having such issues? Am I just doing something very wrong?

Any help/guidance would be appreciated.

I’m running macos with a quad core i5 6500, 4GB RAM.

Hi @rominronin

Have you updated to 2.1.1?

Also let me know your exact setup and also the exact details of settings not being respected.

We’ve done a massive amount of work on Circle in past months trying to get it more stable and still want to do more until it is perfect! Thanks for you patience as we get there.


Hey Gavin,

I just signed up to report the same thing. 2.1.1 RC5 has been nothing but trouble for me, to the point I came to this website looking to roll back the update.

Firstly, it freezes Reaper about 50% of the time I press play on a newly loaded project with Circle 2 in it, and finally after a few seconds the track plays but Circle 2 doesn’t make sound. If it doesn’t freeze it immediately, it’s usually fine from then on though.

Also, settings often don’t save when saving the project. This is from just normally saving the project after adjusting things in the GUI, not from saving as presets.

I’m on Windows 10 with an i7 processor, 12 GB RAM, using Reaper. Don’t have any other DAWs to try, so I don’t know if it’s limited to Reaper or is a general problem. All I know is that Circle 2 worked great before this, and is one of my favorite synths, so I’m just telling you this in hopes that these issues can be fixed and it can once again be used in my projects, as unfortunately the way it is now, it is pretty much unusable.

Here’s hoping this can be fixed. If you have any other questions or want me to test anything out, I’d be glad to help out.


Hey @rominronin and @ajax

We didn’t have Reaper in our testing check list up until now. I’ve download a copy here and @Hugh_FAW and myself will first try and fix the bugs and then make sure we run Circle through its paces on reaper prior to releasing an update. Have it running here, can’t believe its 14mb binary for a full DAW!



Thanks for your quick reply. If you need any help with testing on Reaper, just let me know what I can do to help.


I have Circle loading and did some note on tests last night. I’ll try and do more later on today and see if I can find any easily spotted show stoppers.

I hadn’t updated to 2.1.1 (on 2.1.0 rc3 at the time of reporting the issue). My issues:

  • saved projects would load with the circle 2 default synth instead of what they were saved with.
  • circle would stop producing sound in the middle of a session. Restarting wouldn’t always fix this issue (intermittent success). Adding a fresh instance on a new track WOULD fix it always.

and yeah… Reaper is great in many ways.

I should add that I’m not keen on upgrading right now, since my current album production may need some edits in the coming weeks before mastering. I don’t want to mess with (currently) working mixes. I’ve lost some customised sounds that I had to fudge approximations of!

@rominronin, testing with Reaper now, I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks!

Any luck finding bugs? It’s still crashing Reaper quite consistently, as shown in the error log of Windows’ Event Viewer.

If you need more information, I can send crash logs.

Initial tests in 5.77 on PC haven’t shown any crashes at our side yet, so we need to get to the bottom of why it’s happening on your system.

Can you send all the crash logs you have, these are invaluable for when bug fixing.

Send me your email address via PM and I’ve got a hotfix for you to try. These crashes may have been collaterally fixed in the current Windows beta we are working on.

Thanks for the reply @Gavin_FAW - did you end up finding anything?

I’ve finished that particular project now (submitted the tracks for mastering, so I don’t expect any changes now), so I’m looking forward to updating to the latest release (finally)!