Error loading circle demo into FL Studio 20 (Latest update applied)

This did work with fl 12. I have a brand new built pc with a fresh install of windows 10, first time on fl 20. I get this error when trying to load circle after doing a scan for plugins

Well i did another plugin scan after someone wanted me to rescan and send a log file and all of a sudden it works. Figured id note that maybe incase anyone else had the same issue. Maybe it was fl i dont know

There is something funny going on with FL Studio 20.6 and Circle2 and also SubLab. It might be a bug in FL Studio, I’m going to contact their dev support and see if anything can be done.

Thanks again @UNKNOWN88!

Yeah i am on a completely new built pc with a fresh windows install and this is my very first time on fl studio 20. seems to be a little buggy. I didnt have a problem with my omnisphere 2. The vip controller software gave me the same issue. Everything currently loads though

Yeah, there is definitely something up @UNKNOWN88.