Sub lab scanning as error in Fl studio plugin manager

All 3 of your plug ins won’t open in FL studio.
Plug-in manager lists it as Error
I’ve looked at file location and all files are where they’re supposed to be.
I’ve restarted my computer, updated FL, re installed sub lab. Same outcome…I’m running mac 10.12. I’ve rescanned plugins with errors, same outcome.
When I click on the sub lab , sub lab xl, and circle application outside of fl studio they all work fine. No one else had this issue using FL Studio?

Hey @CheckDeeBeat,

I just did a quick check with the latest FL Studio and SubLab & XL are both loading ok.

Are you running FL Studio in 32 bit mode? You can find this out by right clicking on the icon in for FL Studio in /Applications …you should see if the checkbox “Open using Rosetta” is clicked.

Thanks Gavin, I’ll try that out :+1:

I’m using 64bit because I’m on mac, so it’s only 64bit. I’ve downloaded a couple other free plugins and getting the same error (plug in failed to load)(native au). So idk what’s going on, definitely an issue with fl I think. Haven’t been able to find anyone having similar issue

Its working here for me which leads me to think maybe that FL Studio doesn’t have access to the plugin folders.

If you launch System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Full Disk Access and give FL Studio full disk access as a test and see if that fixes things?

Hey @ChuckDeeBeats here’s something else you can try:

In the FL Studio Plugin Manager go to the Scan Options section and check the dot where it says “Rescan plugins with errors”

I Don’t have full disk access listed in my privacy settings, but I ran a repair disk permissions command line in the terminal, and it didn’t seem to fix anything. Also when I clicked “Get Info” on fl application image I did not see the rosetta mode setting, maybe because my mac is not an M1. I also tried using an external hard drive to store a couple new plugins I downloaded and they still scanned as errors… Thank You guys for trying to help, even though the issue has nothing to do with sublab, I appreciate it!

Screen Shot 2022-10-03 at 11.18.54 PM.png