Sublab Error When When Searching for New Plugins in FL Studio 20

Im not sure if i have the updated version or not, but I just recently purchased Sublab on FAW’s website this week. Unfortunately, i haven’t had a chance to enjoy it because it will not install and function properly. FL Studio will not load any of the 64-bit options. The 32-bit option will not reload Sublab if you close the vst after saving your work. The standalone will not execute. Error message says it cannot locate the .dll file. And also Im getting the same Protools error message that mostly all others are getting. I run a Windows 10 64-bit system, and could really use some help getting Sublab functional. Thanks

That all looks really unusual.

Is there any reason why you would be trying to use the 32 Bit plugin in FL Studio 20 running on 64 bit windows 10?