Sublab error plugin Fl studio

Sublab status shows as error in when i do a plugin scan in fl studio

Hi there :wave:

Could you try this please?

  1. First, please locate your FAW/SubLab files on your computer. Unless you’ve created a custom filepath, the files should be located at this filepath:
    PC: “C:/Program Files/FAW/SubLab”
    macOS: “/Library/ApplicationSupport/FAW/SubLab”

If you created a custom filepath or moved any of the files around, please locate them.

  1. If you have created and saved custom sounds, please copy and paste them out onto your desktop before deleting the program files. They are in the “…/FAW/SubLab/Patches” file, either given a custom name by you or titled ‘My Subs.’

  2. Then delete all the “…/FAW/SubLab” files.

  3. Restart your computer and install SubLab again using the default installer settings (ie don’t create a custom filepath for now). Also, please make sure that your DAW is closed while running the installer.

  4. Once you’ve completed all the installer steps please restart your computer again, open up your DAW, and launch SubLab like this. There’s a troubleshooting section at the bottom of that page as well. You may need to show FL’s plugin manager where to look for the files.

Hope that helps!