[RESOLVED] UI Glitches Windows 10


Reported by: @Giovanni_Ghisleni @twolegstoneworks

Windows 10.
Cubase 9, FL 12.5



Same Glitch Windows 10 64 bit insode Ableton 9.5 on Header


Same here in FL Studio, Studio One, Reaper, Ableton (all latest versions, x64, Windows 10 latest version)


Getting same. Windows 10. Ableton 9.5, 32 and 64 bit.


This should be sorted now in beta 2.


@electroloop, @blipofthefish, @Wurlt01, @Giovanni_Ghisleni, @twolegstoneworks

How’s beta 2 looking guys? If it you can confirm it is fixed we’ll make this one as resolved…


Yep for me is fixed, on FL, Cubase and Bitwig…
Now testing making sounds, all good so far!

P.s. also the activation now works;)


Yes glitching is gone.working as it should.



Sorry for late response. Was out of town attending a conference.

I can also confirm the glitch issue is gone.



Works as expected. No gui issues.