[Bug] Small GUI

Reported by @blipofthefish and @Lyann

@blipofthefish, could you post a screenshot that demonstrates this please?

@Lyann, can you please post another screenshot for comparison with Diva’s default size?

Screenshot from @Lyann

I never use Circle2 because of the tedious UI.
All these other synths (and more ofcourse), as seen on the screenshots, have multiple sizes, are resizable or are just big enough. I really was hoping Circle2 was getting a good UI update as well.

*Avenger is @90%
**Thorn (a new synth by Sches) just got an update from 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 with a nice scalable UI as well.
***I opened Icarus as well. This one is almost just as big as Circle2. But the elements are way bigger. Therefor the usability is way better.

These screenshots are on 2x1080P

This is the size of Thorn (how i use it). I love it this way.