[Latest Beta Links] Circle 2.2.1 macOS & Windows (Updated November 2019)

Ok, I’ve just rebuilt the installer and updated the link…can you try downloading and installing again @Aleko?

Unfortunately I have the same problem. I also deleted my browser history but this doesn’t help.

I just tried here and it works…can you try one last time and sorry for the hassle @Aleko

No hassle for me @Gavin_FAW ! I wan’t to have it… :). Unfortunately the same problem. What do you say to try a dropbox link?

That’s super weird, unless there is some caching issue on our CDN happening…I’ll upload to a file sharing site and send the link

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I managed to install it but I cannot activate it! I get: invalid activation file. In the activation menu it seems to be beta 4 not 5!

Ps: I got the license from Splice with the rent to own deal

Hello Gavin! Still did not managed to authorize Circle2 but I completely deleted it and reinstalled and I noticed that after reinstalling it I have a problem inside of Komplete Kontrol: no pictures of the plugin inside of the KK browser. I managed to fix this by myself by copying the folder Application support|FAW|Circle-2|ThirdParty|NativeInstruments|Presets|PAResources|Image|FutureAudioWorkshop|Circle2 to the Komplete Kontrol folder NI Resources|image|futureaudioworkshop|circle2.

@Aleko, can you PM me your activation code you have. Also, if you have an existing activation file inside the Circle2 directory can you send it to me also?

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Done! Waiting for your kind answer

Hello Gavin! Any news about the activation issue?

Let me chase up support Aleko and find out if they have the activation file…I’ll also dm you my personal email so you can send the files directly just in case we need to speed things up.


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Hello Gavin! Any news? I noticed that the download has disappeared also from my account and cannot turn back to the normal version