Testing with Komplete Kontrol

Hi, as I saw the new Circle 2.1.3 had NKS support and I recently purchased a Komplete Kontrol MK2 I will post in this thread some of my experiences.

  • Circle2 shows up on my KK correctly as well as in the KK editor. Small typo: I see the term ‘Circle2_VST’. As I use Logic Pro I’m pretty sure that should be ‘AU’ but better probably not to mention it at all.


  • I have to look into this further if it really is C2 issue or has something to do with KK, but when I choose C2 imnstance on my KK it seems to operate separately from what happens in the KK editor on my Mac. So changes made on KK are not reflected on Mac and vice versa.
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Hi @Ewaldk,

Great to have you on board!

You’re right that Logic that it uses Audio Units only, but with KK, it loads a the plug-ins as VSTs, hence why you see Circle2_VST.

I’ve opened up a ticket for what you describe and will look into it next. Also do you have Maschine installed?


Just been doing some testing here @Ewaldk, can you confirm that Circle2 is showing up correctly inside the Komplete Kontrol app?

Thanks for the reports @Ewaldk. One other thing, is the Circle2 graphic being displayed correctly on your MK2 keyboard screen?

When in Browser Window:

When in Plug-In Window

I tested yesterday in more detail, but I could not see any specific bugs when working with KK:

  • previews of sounds work well
  • loading in KK editor works well
  • parameters editing works well from the KK control buttons

regarding the parameter editing I am not sure what the exact functionality is: the parameters you can edit are different from patch to patch but I am not sure what mechanism "chooses’ for you the parameters you can edit. It is always a subset of the complete set of parameters (not that this is different from other plug-ins I use within KK). Those parameters are fixed and not dynamically represent what is happening in the editor.

As an example: when I choose the patch Chordette, I can edit the Echo Effect parameters Feedback and Mix. Yet if I change the Echo Effect to Phase Effect the Echo Effect parameters are still there on the KK (obviously doing nothing). I guess this is a restriction of the KK, in that it can not dynamically change the parameters on display on the KK based on changes in the plug-in. Also tried to find some information if this could be influenced by a user perspective (sort of midi learn but then from within KK) but I couldn’t find any information about that.

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BTW…No Maschine here (yet :wink:)…

@Ewalk looking great, thanks for the photos!

I see what you mean here @Ewaldk, unfortunately this is a constraint of NKS and also of how VST work. Swapping out a module doesn’t mean the parameters go away, the are always there regardless of what happens on the interface.

The good news is that @Hugh_FAW, our sound expert in residence, went through everyone of Circle’s presets and mapped what he found most interesting in each one and mapped those to the controls on your KK.



I’ve uploaded a new version that has an should fix the issue with the plug-in displaying the default NKS image once you load a preset.


Can you check out if it works?


@Ewaldk have a new beta up with NKS working correctly!