With Drake, Pop Smoke, Travis Scott, et al. popularizing UK/NY Drill, will we finally get a UK/NY Drill pack?

It’s been long overdue and I made a thread a few months requesting a NY/UK Drill pack (How do I make UK Drill 808s with Sublab?).

This sound is more than likely going to dominate 2020 and it’s crazy that the most popular 808 plugin hasn’t hopped onto the chance to make a pack dedicated to this subgenre.

@EscoSeason “Jackboys” sound will be the wave of 2020 IMO :sunglasses:

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This will be right up there as it’s been bubbling for a while in NY, and has taken over the UK scene for the past few years. And with the biggest artist in music dropping a drill inspired track to round off the previous decade and heading into the new year, it’s clear that this production sound is about to take over…

…which is why I find it strange that the guys here haven’t capitalized on releasing a pack despite hinting at it two months ago


Keep posting the examples!

Sleep in peace Pop Smoke