I just Bought Sublab how to Use

Hi there everyone I just bought sublab i thought there would be drum presets in it.Does anyone know where I can get drum presets for it…I have no idea how to use it.I didn’t really see a good Youtube tutorial on how to use it .Can someone please help?

Hey @Steve,

SubLab is a powerful sub-bass synth that can create sub-bass sounds like you hear in genres such as trap, future bass and many more.

There are a number of tutorials avaible on Youtube, you can check them out here:

What level are you at in music production?


I thought there were drum loops presets inside Sublab. Also I did watch You tube I couldn’t find one video that actually showed you how to use sublab from start to finish


Ah ok, no there are no drum loops inside SubLab. If it is not what you were expecting, just send a mail to Julia on support and she’ll issue you a refund. There are a good few videos in the above playlist that show SubLab from start to finish, check this one from the list by IMAMUSICMOGUL


Thanks Gavin i’ll check this video out

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Hi Steve,

SubLab is a plugin specifically for 808 / sub-bass. We’ve got a SubLab Tutorial Roundup with all our favorite SubLab tutorials here: https://futureaudioworkshop.com/sublab-tutorial-roundup/

Check them out and experiment!

If it doesn’t suit your needs or it’s not what you’re expecting then you can submit a request to return SubLab here: https://support.futureaudioworkshop.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

We’ve got a 30 day return policy :slight_smile:

Hope that helps!


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